Enchanted in the Moonlight Chikage Main Route Impressions and Review – Spoiler Free

Basic Premise: Ha! I just looked up the name of the main demon character in Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom to explain the setup…and found that his name is also Chikage. XD Now that I’m done laughing: the premises are very similar. In exchange for marrying and having a child with a supernatural creature, the main character will be protected from all others wishing to use her blood/power for their own ends.


  • The story is well translated, has several funny moments, and executes some of my less favorite tropes well.
  • The MC’s slight sass, direct chattiness, and willingness to involve herself with others contrasted with Chikage’s detachment had me grinning the entire time. I love this girl, and I love the central relationship.
  • The fairy tales referenced have the original darker endings.
  • The music fits the scenes. I usually mute Voltage games, but I left the volume up for this one.


  • In the prolog, the MC isn’t particularly reasonable, proactive, or self-possessed. Chikage puts it best: “What are you, an idiot?”
  • The main antagonist is unnecessary.

Everything Else

  • As in all well-done love triangle scenarios, you may wish the MC ends up with the rejected suitor rather than Chikage. It didn’t bother me at all, but YMMV.

Bottom Line: Highly recommended.

Voltage’s Enchanted in the Moonlight is available on iOS and Android.

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