My Killer Romance Kieran Sequel Volume Three Impressions and Review – Spoiler Free

Kieran’s main route review is here.

Kieran’s sequel volume one and two reviews are here.


  • Nelly comes back for this volume.
  • The MC’s power and family history feature in the story.
  • The Realms’ lore and history feature prominently.
  • The two endings diverge.


  • This route has enough story for three volumes crammed into one. It’s an interesting plot, but so much has to be done that no time is left for character development or exploring any of the lore and political threads that are introduced.
  • Without getting into plot spoilers…the MC and Aria’s relationship drives me batty. MC: “Kieran, it is so important that I know about my heritage and family which is why I must speak to Character X.” Yet it never once occurs to her to ask her mother. Aria even sends the player an email expressing her concern and wish to visit. *headdesk*

Overall: The best plot of Kieran’s sequels coupled with the worst pacing and character development. It’s still worth trying if you enjoyed the previous sequels.

Voltage Entertainment USA’s My Killer Romance is available on iOS and Android.

4 thoughts on “My Killer Romance Kieran Sequel Volume Three Impressions and Review – Spoiler Free

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  2. I really liked your My Killer Romance reviews. I wish you also had some walkthroughs. I have tried Kieran’s sequel #3 about a dozen times & can not get the HEA ending. Also never got where Aria emailed her to meet.

    • Thank you. I cannot remember if I ever got Kieran’s HEA or not. That’s odd about Aria’s email. Maybe the company changed it since I last played? I know Speakeasy Tonight was corrected after I caught two errors. Also the prolog for Finally in Love Again has been redone so that the stupid girdle has been omitted and the MC quits rather than is fired after one error.

      • Thanks for your quick response. Trust me if you didn’t get the HEA you would have commented in your review. Spoiler….. I won’t give all details of how he got there but he goes crazy, kills everyone but collectors, Nellie,King & MC. and that’s not even worst/saddest part. You can read other ending for all details but when I read HEA I couldn’t believe how much they diverge (like Xavier) & yes I cried like a wuss lol. That’s why I tried so much to see how you can get HEA without just reading it. Thanks again for great reviews. I was able to take your views for MKR, see what I thought & use them to save me time & money on characters in other games 😊

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