Our Two Bedroom Story Kaoru Sequel – Spoilers

Like Kaoru’s main route, his sequel has several quiet, unique, believable character interactions and moments between the two leads broken up by many “what-the-heck?!” moments. Super spoilery details below!

***Spoilers Ahead!***

I spent much of the route yelling in frustration at the screen. The whole plot centers around a new contributing writer’s obsession with the MC.

  • Taira says he will only write erotic stories for Seasonelle if the MC’s his project manager.
  • He shoves her down on a couch and tries to make her act out one of his stories. (If someone tried that on me, they’d be nursing a bloody nose before I slammed the front door and reported ’em.)
  • He shoves her against the wall and refuses to let her go.

At this point, Kaoru has found out what Taira’s doing and wants the MC to tell their boss. She says: “I don’t want to quit because it would be the same as admitting I can’t do the same job as a man. It’s the same thing as being told, ‘Women are weak, so you have to quit…I’ll talk to Mr. Taira about it.’”

No. No. No. NO. Gender does not matter in this situation. This could be two men, two women, or a woman harassing a man, and the victim should still get the **** out and protect themselves. The MC takes no steps to protect herself. She never tells her boss, has no self-defense or weapon training, AND still goes to meet Taira at his home BY HERSELF. She never even tells him off.

Kaoru finally snaps and tells the MC that Taira could really hurt her and that she should stop seeing him before he does. The MC freaks out at Kaoru’s freak out, but refuses to stop seeing Taira.  At this point, Kaoru says: “Go be with him.” I was horrified at first, but then it made sense. If I kept telling my friend “seriously, he’s dangerous, be careful,” but she kept going back, I’d assume she had feelings for him too.

Taira continues to proposition her, keeps touching her, tells her she’s the inspiration for his stories, and then gives a public speech saying the same. He only backs off when Kaoru shows up and says: “I’m sorry, Mr. Taira. But she’s mine, and I’d like her back now.”

Oh. I see. It’s totally acceptable to stalk someone if she’s single, but if she “belongs” to someone it’s not okay. I suppose the MC should go get a shiny dog collar that says PROPERTY OF KAORU in large letters. That’ll make it clear for all the forceful perverts. *headdesk*

Yet, for all it’s problems, the underlying concept is sound. The MC does not change much (though I do appreciate that in the regular ending she understands why her actions ticked off Kaoru), but Kaoru struggles and evolves beautifully. I love the last chapter.  If Taira had kept the same over-the-top flirtatiousness without the unwanted physical advances, this route could have been one of my all-time favorites.

Voltage’s Our Two Bedroom Story is available on iOS and Android.

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