Scarlet Fate Kuso Route Impressions and Review – Spoiler Free

Comments that apply to all the routes in Shall We Date?: Scarlet Fate

  • An active, competent main character tries to save her village and friends from supernatural disaster.
  • The plot, not cutesy romance fluff, dominates the story. Politics, divine beings, and war feature in all the routes.
  • The translation is competent, and the story flows. The point of view shifts are not always well-signaled though.

Comments for Kuso-no-Mikoto’s route in particular


  • The pacing of the plot, relationship growth, and character evolution are near perfection. Usually as I play an app for review I take around a dozen screen-shots of plot points or quotes to use when I organize my thoughts. By the end of this route I had fifty-nine screen-shots of conversation moments and story beats that just nail it.
  • How the writer and/or translator handles the concepts of sin and guilt work much more naturally here than in any of the other routes.
  • I love the MC and Kuso both as individuals and as a couple.  They struggle, they grow, they challenge each other, and by the time they get together they’ve earned their sweet moments.
  • Kamimusubi-no-kami, the creator goddess, has some depth to her.  I really like the dynamic between her and the MC.  Her outfit’s atrocious though.


  • Whoever did Kuso’s tagline cannot have actually read his route. “What a sassy girl! You don’t deserve to be my wife.” Besides being an eye-roller, it doesn’t represent him or the characters’ relationship dynamic. I would have skipped this route entirely if I had not seen it praised elsewhere.
  • The dialog between the brothers is clunky compared to others’ conversations.

Everything Else

  • Kuso does have bossy moments that made me raise an eyebrow on a few occasions, but all the major decisions are the MC’s choice. You may have to wait a chapter or two to see it though.
  • I was surprised by how ardently anti-suicide many of the conversations seem.
  • If you plan on playing more than one route, play this one last.  If I had read this one first I would have been disappointed that the other routes’ writing isn’t as finely executed.

Bottom Line: Kuso’s is my favorite of the Scarlet Fate routes and one of my favorite routes period. Highly recommended.

Idea Factory’s Shall We Date?: Scarlet Fate courtesy of NTT Solmare is available on iOS and Android.

3 thoughts on “Scarlet Fate Kuso Route Impressions and Review – Spoiler Free

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