To Love & Protect Maxwell Main Route Impressions and Review – Spoiler Free

Basic Premise: The MC discovers she’s the president’s daughter and must now be protected from his enemies.

My general impressions of the app and other route reviews can be found here.


  • The MC has a part-time job and is competent at it.
  • The antagonists are amusing, and the peril scenes contain some good jokes.


  • The MC and literally every other woman in the game is attracted to Maxwell, and the MC keeps nattering on about how physically attractive he is. The art style is something I had to work very hard to ignore so having this repeatedly brought up is jarring.
  • Many of the choice moments have no selections I found reasonable.
  • Maxwell himself is like a robot – a boring robot who announces his personality traits and spits out his history without building a friendship or relationship first.
  • Very little time is spent with secondary characters or any of the other bodyguards.
  • I’ll let Maxwell tell you my main problem with the story: “I’m starting to think Felix is better suited to be your bodyguard than me. Actually, I’m sure that at this point, anyone else would be a better choice.” Without going into spoilers…he’s not wrong. He fails on such basic protocol levels (and physical confrontations) that endanger his charge that he should have been suspended if not fired. Instead he’s patted on the head. ARGH.

Bottom Line: Not recommended.

Voltage Entertainment USA’s To Love & Protect is available on iOS and Android.

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