Love Letter from Thief X – Kenshi Main Route Impressions and Review

Basic Premise: The main character is recruited/kidnapped into a gang of thieves.


  • I adore the main character. Every time I wanted her to stand up for herself, she does. She fights back when kidnapped, smacks characters who deserve it, calls out bullies for their behavior, and refuses to be brushed off when others need help.

  • Kenshi is too good to be true – he’s a firefighter, donates his time and money at an orphanage, is the only person taking care of his mom – but I can deal with it because no one goes on and on and on about how fantastic he is or how unworthy the main character feels.

  • The secondary characters feel like people. The “jealous girl,” “caring mom,” and “concerned friend” have dimension to them. I really hope Tatsuro keeps the same personality in his main route; he’s next on my list.


  • Why would being scared make someone’s nose run?

  • Both Kenshi’s and the other thieves’ repeatedly pointing out “Kenshi must think of you as a friend rather than a girl” grates. What, has Kenshi NEVER before had a female friend?


  • The set-up for the theft plot is stupid. “I have invented something incredibly dangerous and don’t want it used. What should I do? I know – rather than destroy it, I’ll involve a child in keeping it safe.” *headdesk*


  • *MC punches attacker*

  • Kenshi: “Guess you can take care of yourself.”

  • Me: “Yes!”

  • Boss: “It’ll take about 25 hours and 40 minutes to tell you…want to hear it?”

  • MC: “….no thanks, I’ll pass.”

  • MC: “It’s no use trying to communicate with these people.”

  • Kenshi: “…that is so cute! But I guess I shouldn’t call you cute when you’re chained up like this.”

Overall: Highly recommended. This main character is sweet, intelligent, and proactive without going into Mary Sue territory.

Voltage’s Love Letter from Thief X is available on iOS and Android.

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