Flirting with Pigeons: Hatoful Boyfriend

According to Forbes, Hatoful Boyfriend is being remade and will be available later this year.  The description “pursue your pigeon of choice while attending high school” sounds like an ornithologist’s fever dream.  I had to make sure this game actually existed.

I found it, downloaded it, changed my computer’s language, and settled in for a bizarre hour.  My character (the only human so far) has spent the past month reminiscing with her oldest friend (a rock pigeon), being beaten at marathon running by a bird, breaking up feathered fights, and trying to decide whether to make a picnic lunch in her barren cave home.  The demented merry-go-round background music makes it even more surreal.

I assume this is a parody of other visual novels, but the excellent translation and editing make it hard to tell this early.  If I survive the experience, I’ll be back with my impressions.

PigeoNation’s Hatoful Boyfriend is currently available on Windows and Mac.

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