Our Two Bedroom Story’s Shusei Route Impressions and Review – Slight Spoilers

Up next on the Our Two Bedroom Story tour is Shusei. Overall, I enjoyed his route.  I found Shusei himself less compelling than Kaoru, but the story had much fewer “wait a minute” moments.


  • The banter between the MC and Shusei can be adorable. They feel like friends before any romance starts.
  • Shusei is kind and functional already. He doesn’t need the MC to fix him.
  • The parents are mentioned throughout the story.


  • The MC keeps describing Minato as secretly kind. He’s not. It feels like the MC wants to will him into being something more positive than objectively assessing his behavior.
  • Every so often, two of the guys talk about the MC like she’s a thing. It doesn’t go on for long, but I wish the MC would point out that she was her own person who could make her own choices, thank you very much.

Spoilers Ahead!

  • The MC is harassed by an interviewee, and she returns to apologize to him. No…just no.  Shusei tries to take the blame as well, saying he should have been there.  The only person who does not take any responsibility is the harasser. You have got to be kidding.

Recommended to those looking for a sweet, angst-free story. Voltage’s Our Two Bedroom Story is available on iOS and Android.

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