Heroes Rise: HeroFall Impressions and Review – Spoilers

HeroFall Image

Basic Premise: In the final act of the Heroes Rise trilogy, you play a hero trying both to regain lost super powers and to protect family in a dangerous political climate.

Bottom Line: Recommended; a must-play for those who enjoyed the first two Heroes Rise games. Not recommended for those looking to enter the series. While I like both, you can probably get away with skipping The Prodigy and starting with The Hero Project and feel caught up.

Spoilers Ahead!


  • Decisions from the first and second installments change the options available in this third installment. I was pleased my character could remind two minor secondary characters about how she kept their secret early in the first game.

  • The stats matter.

  • Prodigal’s past actions aren’t ignored. She has kidnapped and killed many people, the game acknowledges it, and doesn’t really soften her. Instead Sergi (the author) makes Prodigal an entertaining fruit loop. Her commentary on a situation usually made me laugh.

  • When Jenny died I felt walloped.

  • Sergi obviously made some characters available for romances at players’ requests, but he makes sure the player knows he judges those choices and does not think they make sense. XD

  • The story has a proper conclusion and epilogue.


  • Not having a high enough revenge stat negates the option to kill Victon. It makes sense by the numbers, but not necessarily for the story. One particular hero had just watched his love Prodigal be murdered by Victon as he was also trying to kill him and his parents. Dude had had enough…but couldn’t shank the guy because he wasn’t consistently vengeful.  Emotions don’t work like that.  :/

Choice of Games’ Heroes Rise: HeroFall is available on iOS, Android, Kindle, and Steam.

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