Dreamy Days in West Tokyo Rihito Main Route Impressions and Review – Spoiler Free

Basic Premise: The seventeen-year-old main character moves back to the town and friends she left ten years ago.


  • The MC speaks her mind without becoming pushy.
  • Rihito’s feelings about his piano performance and wanting to succeed for his mother ring true. It’s a weird feeling to both love and feel smothered by something at the same time, and this route pulls this out nicely.
  • Rihito’s mother is a sympathetic character. While she is the source of most of the plot conflict, she never seems like a cartoon villain. The ending conversation between her and the MC is good too.
  • The e-mails for this route sound like a teenager wrote them and follow the plot without being a blow-by-blow plot regurgitation.
  • The other guys are funny in this route.


  • A few of the word choices for the music sections are off. They aren’t exactly wrong, but they aren’t what a serious musician would use either.

Everything Else

  • No sixteen-year-old is as articulate and open about their family past and emotional baggage as Rihito is. The execution is good enough that it didn’t irritate me, but those long conversations with the MC are not realistic.
  • This story is low-key and quiet.  If you’re looking for lots of drama and grand gestures, keep searching.


  • Ryuzo: “Sorry…I couldn’t do it right.”
  • Haruki: “You did a great job, Ryu!”
  • MC: “Yeah, your voice was booming!”
  • Ichigo: “Yeah, you just got the melody wrong.”
  • Ryuzo: “Are you and Rihito really–?”
  • MC: “I can guarantee you that nothing you’re thinking about now has happened.”
  • Ichigo: “I don’t know about that. He’s (Rihito) got a dirty mind.”
  • Ryuzo: “MC! I-I can’t–!”
  • MC: “Ichigo! Don’t do that to Ryu!”

Overall: Recommended.

Voltage’s Dreamy Days in West Tokyo is available on iOS and Android.

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