Our Two Bedroom Story: His POV Impressions and Review

These reviews assume you have already played Kaoru, Chiaki, and Akiyoshi‘s main routes and makes no attempt to keep those plot unspoiled.

Apply to all the Routes:

  • The main character does not have a sprite. To keep the male lead from talking to the background, the guy’s sprite appears. After seeing the MC in the In Your Arms Tonight and Speakeasy Tonight POVs, it took a while to adjust.
  • The story has no choices and only one ending.
  • Therefore I would wait for a sale – even for the routes I recommend.

Kaoru POV


  • The word choice and editing are among the best I’ve found in a translated game. I hope whoever did this continues to work with Voltage.

  • The judgmental cat makes me laugh.

  • Kaoru doesn’t compare the MC with his dead girlfriend. She doesn’t feel like a substitute or replacement.

  • The final chapter. No, I’m not going to spoil it for you.


  • Kaoru’s “I thought I was the only one who got hurt because it was my memento that got broken” remark does not gel with the earlier chapter’s commentary.

  • The cat walking scene from the main route is retold.


  • Kaoru: I know she was about to say something important. I guess that’s my cue to come out with some reassuring words and stuff.

  • Me: Ha!

Overall: Recommended. This route goes a long way towards amending the flaws of the main route.

Chiaki POV


  • I was happy to find the MC had moved out. (I never played Chiaki’s main route.) Good for you, MC!

  • Drunk MC is funny.

  • The conversation between Chiaki and Akiyoshi is really good.


  • The view point of this story shifts. Some of the time Chiaki’s narrating events as they occur, and some of the time it’s as though he’s looking back at past events. It’s off-putting.

  • What’s going on with Chiaki’s neck? His missing mom must be a giraffe.

  • Chiaki still creeped me out at the end. Like once he tired of the MC he’d be back to using her and others.


  • Chiaki: I really don’t like women anyway.
  • Me (having just finished Kaoru’s route): No kidding.  XD

  • Chiaki: I was being a real jerk, but she’s not going to bring that up, is she?
  • Me: Nope, but I will.

Overall: Not recommended.

Akiyoshi POV


  • It feels like the same translator who did Kaoru’s route also did Akiyoshi’s. It’s well executed.
  • Akiyoshi’s thoughts and emotions are appropriate for his age and position. He comes across as a grown-up.
  • Everything I like about the MC in Akiyoshi’s main route shines in this one. I find her funnier and more believable too.


  • The two “I do not deserve happiness” moments feel too melodramatic when compared to the tone of the rest of the route.


  • Akiyoshi: …are Ando’s wife and a young boy. She’s lost a lot of weight since her husband died.
  • Me: Considering she was heavily pregnant however many years ago that was, I should think so. XD

Overall: Recommended.

Voltage’s Our Two Bedroom Story is available on iOS and Android.

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