Metro PD: Close to You Hiroshi Kirisawa Armed & Engaged Impressions and Review – Spoiler Free

If you’re looking for my thoughts on Kirisawa’s main route, here you go.

Basic Premise: The MC and Kirisawa track a serial killer and break the news of their upcoming wedding to the rest of their up-to-now clueless coworkers.


  • The crime plot is somber, but the lively, funny banter among the detectives keeps it from becoming too depressing.
  • All the characters have the same distinct personalities I loved in the main route.
  • The relationship between Kirisawa and the MC feels like a natural, if much more romantic, continuation of the main route. They’re just fun together, and the back-and-forth during the end chapter made me grin.
  • Nomura does not feature heavily in this story, but he is such a good coworker and friend to Kirisawa (while still being believable) that I want a Nomura’s POV on this route.
  • Dying young, death in the line of duty, and senseless evil are acknowledged as real possibilities. The characters don’t give glib or pat answers when facing these issues or decide to give up or ignore the problems. It made me believe the setting and characters. More of this, please.


  • I missed seeing the MC out in the field and puzzling out clues. Possibly because of the shorter length (ten chapters), the story focuses more on how the case impacts all the investigators rather than the leg work involved in solving it.

Everything Else

  • I must both praise and gripe about Minase’s portrayal at her husband’s funeral. On the positive side, she doesn’t completely fall apart and she has been mentioned in chapter one so she has had some establishment. On the negative side, she doesn’t have a sprite and she’s SO pulled together and articulate and exactly what the leads need her to be that she doesn’t feel like a real person. It’s not bad enough to be a net negative, but I found myself wishing for some of the nuance found in other scenes.


  • MC: “I didn’t even put on that much makeup today, all I did was draw my eyebrows!?”
  • Me: Voltage, do NOT make me picture this woman as someone who shaves off her own eyebrows just to crayon them back.

Bottom Line: Recommended.  I look forward to seeing what these two do next!

Voltage’s Metro PD: Close to You is available on iOS and Android.

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