Serendipity Next Door: Izumi Impressions and Review – Spoiler Free

Basic Premise: Two neighbors get to know one another while dealing with every-day life.


  • I like the starting premise much better than some of Voltage’s other titles.

  • In the prologue the MC’s not dwelling on how cute/talented/whatever the guys are. She’s mostly thinking about her work, her friend, her breakfast, and whether she can leave an impromptu gathering yet. Voltage, please keep this author employed.

  • The MC acts like a functional, articulate, proactive, funny person while still having foibles. When she has a problem, whether personal or professional, she acknowledges it and works to fix it.

  • Ignore Izumi’s character screen description and advertising. Seriously, not once in the story does he say something sarcastic or act like a tsundere. (Look, Mom, I learned a new vocabulary word!) Izumi is driven, responsible, and polite yet still manages to feel like someone in their early twenties. I know/have known several people like this, and the author nails this personality.

  • The MC and Izumi feel like genuine friends. I like their friendship so much that I would have been fine if they never developed romantic feelings.


  • The first chapter makes me face-palm. If I hadn’t read a recommendation by another player I would have skipped this route. It’s silly, and overly cutesy, and feels like it should be on some tween Disney show.

  • The recurring underwear gag makes me sigh every time. The MC has to be in her late twenties…and she’s embarrassed about a thong? Either shove it in your pocket or make a joke about it and get on with your life.

Favorite Quotes

  • Izumi: “What are you doing here?”

  • Me: “Staring at the bicycle that magically appeared behind you.”

  • Izumi: “I mean, you’re technically a woman, so…”

  • MC: “’Technically?’ Listen here…”

  • MC: *sniffle* Crap…I’m going to ruin my makeup.

  • *MC shares her food with Masaomi*

  • MC: “How is it?”

  • Masaomi: “…Good.”

  • Masaomi: “It looks terrible though.”

  • MC: “…I’m glad you like it.”

Overall: This route has two amusing, believable leads in a plot I’ve never seen Voltage produce before. Highly recommended.

Voltage’s Serendipity Next Door is available on iOS and Android.

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