True Love Sweet Lies Sakuya Main Route Impressions and Review – Spoiler Free

Basic Premise: The MC helps a group of detectives solve a mystery in exchange for their protection.


  • I ❤ the MC during the prolog and, for the most part, during the main story. She’s funny and smart without being perfect.
  • The translation is well done and keeps the proper comedic timing.  I laughed several times.


  • The entire route is incredibly random: characters, plot points, scenes, emotions, and motivations just appear without buildup or transitioning to the next. Why do the two main leads ditch their undercover post? Why does the MC care about Sakuya and his brother? Why don’t they investigate further into Why does our previously non-nonsense MC meekly submit to such unreasonable demands? Why does she decide to keep living with the group? Why is the goat getting aroused at the modeling session?  Your guess is as good mine.
  • This randomness can make the plot and characters distant and forgettable; I had to play the route a second time before I could even start my review. I genuinely could not remember anything distinct about the route besides the goat and that one picture shows the MC’s eyes. I couldn’t even remember Sakuya’s name.

Everything Else

  • Rather than receiving a “normal” and “better” ending at the route’s end, in this app the choices net you a “sweet” or “bitter” ending. I was disappointed to find that “bitter” does not mean a relationship blow-up or rivalry romance (why, yes, I do miss Dragon Age II‘s companion system), but a different nice ending. Once you unlock both endings, there’s a short video. But, for just $2.99 extra, you can skip straight to the other ending and unlock the video AND get an extra ending. Yeah… no.

Bottom Line: Give it a try if what you want is a fun MC and a few snort-worthy moments. Skip it if you want something with a little more substance.

Voltage’s True Love Sweet Lies is available on iOS and Android.

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