Voltage Routes I Replay

These are my favorite routes, not necessarily my favorite characters or the best executed plots.  Some of my favorite characters have mediocre plots, and some of the well-written plots focus on characters whom I really don’t like or the setting doesn’t grab me.  So without further ado…

Be My Princess 2

  • Ivan Main

Dreamy Days in West Tokyo

  • Takeshi 3 Years Later
  • Takeshi Living with Him

Enchanted in the Moonlight

  • Chikage Main

In Your Arms Tonight

  • Koichi Sequel
  • Koichi POV
  • Koichi Another Story
  • Kiyoto Sequel
  • Kiyoto Another Story
  • Ritsu Main
  • Soji Main with normal ending

Kiss of Revenge

  • Irie Main

Kissed by the Baddest Bidder

  • Mamoru Kishi Main with normal ending

Love Letter from Thief X

  • Kenshi Main

Metro PD: Close to You

  • Kimura Main
  • Kirisawa Main
  • Nomura Main
  • Tennoji Sequel

Our Two Bedroom Story

  • Akiyoshi Main
  • Akiyoshi POV
  • Kaoru POV

Serendipity Next Door

  • Izumi Main

Speakeasy Tonight

  • Donovan POV
  • Neil Main
  • Neil POV
  • Vince POV

White Lies & Sweet Nothings

  • Mason Main
  • Mason’s Epilogue
  • Sam Main
  • Sam’s Epilogue
  • White Christmas Spin-Off

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