Serendipity Next Door Izumi Sequel Impressions and Review – Spoiler Free

Basic Premise: Izumi and the MC face extended family problems.

Well that was a disappointment. I really enjoy Izumi’s main route for the two main leads and their interactions. The sequel has none of that. All the characters had me yelling “WHO ACTS LIKE THIS?!” The execution of the plot is clumsy, especially compared to the original route. Either the two stories have different writers, or the same writer didn’t put in as much effort for the sequel.

I’m skipping the usual positive and negative sections because I couldn’t make myself muddle all the way through it again to take notes. Still, have a few quotes from the first few chapters:

  • MC: “I gotta work harder so I look like your girlfriend!” I puff out my cheeks and clench my fists.
  • Me: Whaaaat?

  • MC: I smile at him, but he doesn’t notice and looks away.
  • Me: Editor needed in chapter three

  • MC: Just then, isomer jogs up.
  • Me: Overly helpful spell-check strikes again.

Overall: Not recommended.  :/ I’m off to play Izumi’s main route again to purge the taste.

Voltage’s Serendipity Next Door is available on iOS and Android.

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