Voltage Japan Sale PSA

Real life’s still eating all my reviewing time, but I did want to give y’all a heads-up.

This weekend Voltage Japan has discounted main routes, sequel routes, epilogues, and special stories for eighteen routes.

It’s a little overwhelming, quite frankly, but what surprised and pleased me the most is ALL the “Another Story” and “His POV” routes are only $0.99 in the US iOS store.  These routes rarely go on sale, and I’ve never seen them this inexpensive.

The In Your Arms Tonight Another Story routes are just as long as the main stories and some of them are really well done.  Many of the different His POV for different apps really add to the story too so I’d go ahead and give them a try as well.  Check out my review archive if you want more particulars.  🙂

In Your Arms Tonight Wedding Vows Kiyoto and Koichi Initial Impressions and Reviews – Spoiler Free

Because everyone is currently sick and grumpy and edgy at my house I will wait to write proper reviews for both Kiyoto’s and Koichi’s Wedding Vow routes.  Still, since I couldn’t find other reviews this morning, I wanted to share my initial thoughts.

Wedding Vows: Kiyoto – Recommended.  I really, really enjoyed it.  I like the characters, the main conflict was executed well, and the translation had flavor.

Wedding Vows: Koichi – Meh.  I liked how the MC’s family is portrayed.  The first third was okay, the last two thirds left me by turns annoyed and bored.  This one’s going to take a replay and long prodding to figure out exactly why it doesn’t work for me.

Voltage’s In Your Arms Tonight is available on iOS and Android.

In Your Arms Tonight Shohei Sequel Impressions and Review – Slight Spoilers

Basic Premise: The main character and Shohei create their own relationship obstacles one year after becoming a couple.


  • When the MC and Shohei are not refusing to talk with each other about their insecurities, their dialog and interactions flow naturally.
  • The MC has more professional responsibilities and navigates the accompanying problems well.


  • The visuals are sloppy. Articles of clothing disappear and reappear; different areas of the same building have completely different decorating and art styles.
  • Too many flash-backs clog the story. Every chapter has at least one flash-back to an over-the-top moment of the main route or a flash-back to a scene in the sequel. Most chapters have more than one.
  • I liked Shohei in the main route, but the further I got into the sequel, the less I liked or believed him as a character. He says and does some things that are inconsistent both for his personality and with the plot arc.
  • *minor spoiler* The MC blames herself when a coworker kisses her because she “left herself open” and therefore feels guilty. They were walking back from a work assignment to the office. She had never flirted, and the coworker knew she was dating someone else. And yet the MC still feels like it’s her fault because…she existed near a man with poor impulse control? For the rest of the story, the writer lets her stew in this misplaced guilt and never points out or implies that she’s the victim, not someone to blame. No. NO. NO.


  • MC: “You could have left me alone.”
  • Shohei: “Oh? I can drop you off in that dumpster over there…”
  • MC: “I should thank you, Shohei.”
  • Shohei: “What for?”
  • MC: “Just ‘cuz.”
  • Shohei: “…Weirdo.”
  • MC: “Oh, are you bad at accepting gratitude too?”
  • Miyata: “What’s so great about Shohei?”
  • Me: “Where’s the ‘Nothing. After the past few weeks; I’m ditching him’ option?”
  • *Shohei tells family about their relationship*
  • Ryota: “Thank you, Mai!”
  • Mayu: “For accepting our dumb big brother…”
  • Hiroki: “Are you sure Sho’s good enough?”
  • Aki: “If he’s not, don’t be afraid to dump him!”

Overall: Not recommended. Some of the early dialogs are lovely, but Shohei himself is too inconsistent. :/

Voltage’s In Your Arms Tonight is available on iOS and Android.

In Your Arms Tonight Ritsu Impressions and Review – Spoiler Free

Ritsu: “You are such a weirdo.”

MC: “You’re weirder.”

In Your Arms Tonight‘s Ritsu main route has a very different structure and feel than the other routes. It’s not cutesy or passionate or titillating. It barely contains any romance, yet it’s now tied with Soji’s main route as my favorite.  Ritsu and Koichi have been friends much longer than either of them have known the main character which changes the dynamic.


  • The writing gives the reader credit. Some routes I’ve read bashed me over the head with grand gestures and constant reminders about how the MC feels or how cute the hero is. This route trusts the reader to draw inferences from quiet, believable conversations and small actions.

  • Ritsu’s detached observation and bluntness strike many as odd (both in setting and out), but I have known/know a few people exactly like this. The author captures this personality almost perfectly. Also, ignore the character description screen. It describes him as “sercastic” which, besides being misspelled, is incorrect. He never once utters a sarcastic remark.

  • Ritsu and the main character may be in a weird situation, but they are honorable adults. They don’t become overly familiar or needle each other to get a reaction. They give Koichi every opportunity to get his act together .

  • Ritsu and the MC become genuine friends, interested in each other’s work and personal lives without being pushy or doing it for personal gain.

  • Ritsu’s family history is executed so well. It informs his personality and actions, but it’s not a large focus of the story. He doesn’t over-react when he addresses it, and the MC never feels the need to “fix” him.

  • The MC isn’t as decisive here as she in Soji’s route (where she’s dumped Koichi at the very beginning), but she isn’t as wishy-washy as some of the others. She works hard at her first independent professional assignment and takes care of others without becoming a doormat.

  • The MC moves into her own apartment at the story’s end. I like seeing that independence.


  • I still don’t understand why Koichi asked Ritsu for a particular favor.

Overall: I adore this route. Recommended to those who want a unique, quiet story.

Voltage’s In Your Arms Tonight is available on iOS and Android.

In Your Arms Tonight Koichi Sequel Impressions and Review – Spoiler Free

Basic Premise: The main character and her husband face work and relationship challenges one year after his affair.


  • The plot and characters felt grounded.  Without giving away the main plot: the few “yeah, right” moments that I didn’t buy the MC also didn’t buy and was later vindicated.
  • I understood and empathised with both sides in the main relationship conflict – very rare in a sequel.
  • The writer portrays Koichi’s mother much more sympathetically in this route than in many of the others.  Her part may be small, but she’s more a person than a shrewish plot convenience.
  • The MC’s entire conversation at Koichi’s work function is fantastic.


  • The first nine chapters of the route are so quiet and straightforward that the best ending gave me cavities.  The normal one, while still sweet, better fit the tone of the previous chapters.

Overall: Recommended.  Both the characters evolve believably, and I hope there will be future installments.

Voltage’s In Your Arms Tonight is available on iOS and Android.

In Your Arms Tonight Koichi POV Impressions and Review

This review assumes you have already played Koichi’s main route and will make no attempt to keep the plot unspoiled.

Basic Premise: You see Koichi’s thought processes as he tries to puzzle out his wife’s motivations and refusal to abandon him.


  • Koichi is not softened; he’s still a gruff, closed-off adulterer. At the same time, he does not come across as a mustache-twirling villain. He hurts the main character in many ways, yet he’s never malicious.
  • I love the main character’s quiet commitment and stubbornness in holding to her belief of what a relationship and marriage can and should be – both for her sake and Koichi’s.
  • The latter part of the story shows Koichi and the MC as two equals supporting each other with both professional concerns and extended family concerns. It’s frank, a little awkward, sweet, and fit the tone of the previous chapters.


  • I still don’t understand how Koichi and Ai first got together. Koichi focuses so much on professional advancement. Why would he risk sleeping with his boss’s wife whom he met a year into her marriage if he doesn’t have some kind of feelings for her? If he wants just sex, there are less risky ways to get it.

Overall: I really like this route. I haven’t found another character or plot like Koichi’s. Still, Koichi rubs many players the wrong way. If you hated him in the main game, his POV route won’t change your mind.

Voltage’s In Your Arms Tonight is available on iOS and Android.

In Your Arms Tonight Ginnosuke Sequel Impressions and Review – Spoiler Free

Basic Premise: The main character works on a foreign project with Ginnosuke.


  • The editing and translation are well-done.

  • The final CG is sweet.


  • The plot line feels jumbled.

  • None of the characters act intelligently, consistently, or believably.

  • Many plot conveniences are utilized.

  • There’s less variety in the choices than usual.

  • Where’s the cat?


  • *Mr. Ebihara walked off to the international departure gate*
  • Me: Take me with you, Kippei!
  • Saleswoman: “This was made in France at the end of the 19th century over a hundred years ago.”
  • Me: Thank you, Madame Redundancy.

Overall: I can’t recommend Ginnosuke’s sequel to anyone. There’s a kernel of a good plot and relationship evolution, but the execution left me incredibly frustrated.  If you really love the character, replay his main route and save yourself the grief.

Voltage’s In Your Arms Tonight is available on iOS and Android.

In Your Arms Tonight Review and Impressions

In Your Arms Tonight was the first Voltage game I tried – and I very nearly didn’t. After nearly a week of trying to get over the presentation (super-pink, covered in hearts, cheesy taglines), I bought it as a distraction from a long illness. And have been reading their stories every since.

Like all Voltage games, the individual stories are very different. Therefore each route in In Your Arms Tonight will get its own little review. But first, the comments that apply to all the routes: I enjoyed playing an MC who’s over 25 and has real-world problems. I also liked having so many fleshed-out secondary characters; it’s not just the MC and her potential beaus.

Now, on to the individual routes.

  • *update* Ritsu Main Story: one of my favorites; full review found here.
  • *update* Koichi Sequel: good; full review found here.
  • *update* Koichi POV: good; full review found here.
  • *update* Ginnosuke Sequel: not recommended; full review found here.
  • *update* Shohei Sequel: not recommended; full review found here.
  • Kippei Main Story: good; he felt like a believable person, not an archetype.
  • Kiyoto Main Story: interesting, but not for the sensitive; Kiyoto makes many unwanted physical advances, and while the MC always defends herself well, it made me nervous.
  • Shohei Main Story: I’m conflicted on this one; I like Shohei himself, but the story itself makes me want to scream; the MC has no backbone, and the antagonist characters act so dastardly I expected mustaches to appear just so they could twirl them.
  • Genji Main Story: ugh; I PAID to watch this presumptuous, conceited jerk insult the MC while she spends all her time falling apart? He calls her too fat, too skinny, and stupid all within five minutes. Screw you, Genji, and not in the fun way.
  • Soji Main Story: one of my favorites; the MC has initiative and brains, and Soji himself is more complex than most of the other guys; Genji is more attractive here than in his main story.
  • Ginnosuke Main Story: oddly enough, I like this story more for how Koichi’s portrayed and his interactions with the MC than Ginnosuke himself; the back-story you gain on Kippei is also good; unfortunately, the MC has some nearly unbearable stupid moments.
  • Kiyoto Another Story: love it; Kiyoto’s personality is the same as his main story, but the undercurrent of anger is gone; the MC is a whole lot of fun too.
  • Kiyoto Sequel: like it; the MC’s father is over-the-top, but other than that it’s really good.
  • Koichi Another Story: I really like this one; both he and the MC feel like distinct, realistic individuals.
  • Shohei Another Story: meh; the scenes with Koichi’s mother were very good but the rest bored me.
  • Kippei Another Story: meh.
  • A Day with Him: zzzzzz; no secondary characters, no choices, no real narrative

Before writing this post, I downloaded the app to be sure I didn’t forget any routes and saw two new characters listed.  I’ll update the review as they are released.

Voltage’s In Your Arms Tonight is available on iOS and Android.