Dreamy Days in West Tokyo Takeshi Living with Him Impressions and Review – Spoiler Free

Basic Premise: The main character and Takeshi spend a month living together while keeping up with class and internship demands.


  • The MC, Takeshi, and the rest of the gang have the same personalities as previous routes. Ichigo in particular made me smirk.
  • Takeshi’s injury impacts his life appropriately. It’s referenced but does not become magically fixed and is not treated as an overwhelming obstacle.
  • Between how the parents are handled and how all the characters seem to have the exact same view on relationships and living together/marriage during the first few chapters, I was getting a little worried. Fortunately it really improves once you get past those chapters. I like Takeshi’s mother enough that I can almost forgive how the others are botched, and having some characters not dismiss the idea of marrying young as crazy-talk helps as well.
  • The MC and Takeshi’s relationship evolution feels exactly like a couple just starting off on their own:
    • feeling a little like y’all are playing pretend
    • hosting the first big party
    • realizing when your expectations are silly and pitching them
    • keeping up with individual responsibilities
    • adjusting a reasonable amount to accommodate the other person
    • missing each other like crazy during the first long trip apart


  • The route repeatedly says the MC has never met Takeshi’s parents since moving back, but she had at least one lengthy in-game conversation with his father in the main story. O_o Did the writer not read Takeshi’s own routes before starting on his sequel?
  • While I’m complaining about how parents are handled: Why include that phone conversation between the MC and her mother about her dad sulking because the MC “might get married and go away soon”? WHAT IS THIS? They’ve lived in separate countries for years, barely communicate, and that’s just thrown in there like it’s relevant or a natural continuation. It does give her a chance to not tell them she’s living with Tak and paint it like she’s doing her dad a favor though. *headdesk* The whole thing is such a weird choice for this game.

Everything Else

  • Like Takeshi himself, this story is a quiet one. It feels like a natural continuation of his 3 Years Later route, but those looking for a lot of action or a dramatic narrative won’t find it here.

Bottom Line: Recommended.  This one made the replay list.

Voltage’s Dreamy Days in West Tokyo is available on iOS and Android.

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