Psy High Impressions and Review – Spoiler Free

Psy High Picture

Basic Premise: Explore your newly emerging psychic powers while figuring out exactly why half the students at your high school suddenly seem to be different people entirely.


  • I really like this cast. Your relationships with old friends, classmates, and acquaintances feel like believable people, not cutouts. I cared about what happened to them.
  • Some choice moments made me think for a minute about what this particular character would do given her/his values before I selected.
  • The dialog phrasing can be amusing.
  • Setting the story in high school let me select the dumb options. I can forgive a sixteen-year-old for being an idiot more easily than a thirty-something.
  • The mystery plot, while not intricate, does not have any glaring plot holes or force your character to be stupid to get to the next scene.
  • I found no coding or editing hiccups.


  • The few forced emotional responses really stand out because you’re given so much variety in most situations. For example, your character will always be uncomfortable/slightly jealous of the richer students and their more expensive and newer clothing and backpacks. That’s not what I thought at sixteen (though I admit I’ve always been an odd duck). Also, even though there are several characters available as romantic options, your character always starts attracted to the same one.

Bottom Line: Recommended. This one made the replay list.

Choice of Games’ Psy High is available on iOS, Android, Kindle, and Google Chrome.

Impressions and review based on a provided code.

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