Metro PD: Close to You Nomura Impressions and Review – Spoiler Free

Basic Premise: A young policewoman transfers to a large city’s detective unit, learns the ropes, and sometimes falls for a fellow detective.


  • I really like this MC. She works hard, takes initiative, holds fast to her ideals, apologizes when she should, teaches her trainee well, and says what needs to be said.
  • All the characters are funny. The emails are particularly well done.
  • Different women detectives appear, and they all have personality and appear competent at their chosen profession.
  • Nomura’s back-story and personality have enough nuance that I could accept the more over-the-top elements.
  • The mystery plot kept me interested even though I figured out part of it a few chapters before the MC.
  • The localization and proofreading are near perfect. The Tabasco references make me wonder if the translator is Southern.
  • Unlike Kirisawa’s route, I like both endings for this one.


  • Why does Nomura’s office have “Production” stenciled on the wall?
  • Oh look. A sprite without a gun appears while the text keeps saying that character holds a gun.
  • The MC can be a little slow on the uptake in service to the plot.
  • Without getting into spoilers…if the MC suspected X of shady dealings, why didn’t she speak with her immediate superior? In this route, everyone trusts Kirisawa so her not even considering talking with him feels odd.


  • MC: How do you react when something sad happens?
  • Nomura: I just keep moving.
  • Me: Oh good. She’s trying to hook up with Dory.

Overall: Highly recommended. It’s funny, has a nuanced male lead, and features a great MC.

*update*  If you like the MC in Nomura’s route, try Kirisawa‘s and Kimura‘s too.

Voltage’s Metro PD: Close to You is available on iOS and Android.

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