Our Two Bedroom Story’s Kaoru Route Impressions and Review – Spoilers

Since Voltage just put Kaoru’s Our Two Bedroom Story on a discount, I shuffled my review schedule a bit. I should have more of the game’s routes reviewed within the next week.

Overall: I don’t regret buying Kaoru’s route, but it’s not one of my favorites. I wish the second half had lived up to the promise of the first. I liked much of his personality and character interactions, but the story itself had a good few “huh?!” moments. In honor of Kaoru, I have added a “What-the-Heck?” category to my review format.

*update* Kaoru’s POV route goes a long way towards fixing the flaws of the main route.


  • The main character’s work plot was interesting.
  • Kaoru is a professional at work and minds his own business. After Chiaki’s and Minato’s attitudes during the prologue, I really appreciated that.
  • During the first half of the game, Kaoru felt very unique. He’s quiet, awkward, and not very sociable yet is never unkind. Then, in the second half…

Spoilers Ahead!


  • I found another MC-fixes-the-guy plot. The first half of the story was good enough that I would have given it a pass IF Kaoru hadn’t saved the MC from the EXACT same situation as his former girlfriend AND he didn’t go on about how fixated he was on not being able to protect her.
  • The MC ends up feeling like a replacement, not like a distinct individual he cares about.
  • The MC is really skittish. Calm down, girl, it’s a guy without his shirt. The way she reacts I thought he was wandering the house completely nude.
  • Kaoru smokes, and the story mentions it several times. He cannot smell appealing.

What-the-Heck? Moments:

  • The MC never tells Kaoru why she was in his bedroom, and he never asks. I kept waiting for her to explain that, no, she isn’t a snoop or kleptomaniac, she was just trying to get the cat out…and it doesn’t happen.
  • Kaoru has terrible people skills, yet all the other reporters keep saying he’s an awesome journalist. How does he get all the people he interviews to feel at ease and trust him in a short period of time?
  • They take a skittish cat on a walk without a leash and it goes smoothly. Yeah, not happening.
  • After providing the reason why Kaoru and the MC share a house, the parents drop off the face of the earth.  The MC and her mother do not contact each other after she moves. Even though they obviously love each other and live nearby.  Huh?

Voltage’s Our Two Bedroom Story is available on iOS and Android.

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