My Killer Romance Kieran Sequels Impressions and Review – Spoiler Free

Kieran’s main route review is found here.

Volume One


  • Xavier and Kieran’s family history and relationship are nicely fleshed out.

  • The main couple feel like the same people from the main route, and their relationship is a natural continuation. The MC is not particularly active in the storyline, but she isn’t brooding or angsting either.


  • Similar to Kieran’s epilogue, this felt like a missed opportunity. Even though the story takes places in the Death Realm, we don’t learn much about it and spend little time with secondary characters.

Volume Two


  • We finally see more of the Realms and explore the lore surrounding them.

  • Nelly, the new secondary character, is funny and smart, and I’d definitely play a spin-off focused just on her.

  • Leo’s detached cynicism is always welcome.

  • The regular ending and best ending are very different. Your choices do impact the story.


  • To get the best ending, you must choose a face-palm dialog option.

  • The new character sprites have a softer, rounded, more expressive art-style (which I like better), but put next to the characters from the original routes it’s jarring – like they are from two completely different games.

  • Even though it’s not mentioned on the purchasing screen, the second sequel references characters and events that the reader is assumed to have played. I guess one of the spin-offs is meant to come between the two sequels, but I don’t know which one and I won’t purchase all Kieran’s side stories hoping to stumble on the right one – especially now that the sale has finished.

Overall: I like both the sequels, but neither blew me away. I’ll give Volume Three a try if Nelly’s in it.

Voltage Entertainment USA’s My Killer Romance is available on iOS and Android.

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