Dreamy Days in West Tokyo: Johji Main Route Impressions and Review – Spoilers

Basic Premise: The seventeen-year-old main character moves back to the town and friends she left ten years ago.

Ryuzo: “Er, I don’t know what’s really going on, but hang in there.”

Me: “Neither do I.  I’m so confused.”

This route is weird.  The writing’s weird.  The plot’s weird.  The relationships are weird.  I can’t even get irritated by all the contradictions and the trampling of the reader’s suspension of disbelief.  It’s past that level.


Seventeen-year-old girl is sent to live with thirty-something year old guy.  Okay, I can buy that – relative, close family friend, whatever.  What I can’t buy is that neither Johji nor her family told her about their previous connection and she doesn’t think to ask ’til she’s been living with him for quite a while.  She can even ask if he’s her dad and then doesn’t bother to get an answer.  What.

The MC immediately gets in the car with someone she’s never seen or met before.  A six-year-old has more self-preservation than this chick.

Johji flat-out tells the MC before the story’s half-way mark that he’s not interested in Character A and proceeds to display this lack of interest.  The MC spends the second half of the story worrying about Johji marrying Character A, her being in the way, yadda yadda.

The reader never gets to see the MC and Johji develop a friendship/relationship of equals in the present.  It feels like the MC like Johji because he was nice to her when she was six, and he likes her because…frankly, I don’t know.  I couldn’t believe either of them.

Even though the reader doesn’t see a current-day relationship develop, the MC spends ALL her time focused on Johji.  How can you have no relationship development yet still replace plot with relationship angst?

Mother who neglected to mention to her daughter and husband that she had been writing Johji for years and years sends MC back to live with him again after he declares his feelings.  O_o

Also, the complete absence of history trivia and bartending information that flavor Johji’s interactions in the other routes baffles me.  Why would you completely ignore his interests when trying to create a romantic lead?

Overall: Not recommended.  Of the Dreamy Days routes, I’d give Takeshi a try instead.

Voltage’s Dreamy Days in West Tokyo is available on iOS and Android.

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