Serendipity Next Door His POV Impressions – Spoiler Free

Unlike the In Your Arms Tonight‘s POVs, the Serendipity Next Door‘s POVs contain no choices, no MC sprite options, and fewer chapters. As much as I enjoyed some of the stories for the insight into the secondary characters and how well the male lead’s voice came through, these are decidedly short stories rather than games with paths to puzzle out.

Individual Routes

  • Izumi POV: It’s cute and sweet, but I wanted to edit out a few lines that didn’t seem to click with the main route.
  • Jinpachi POV: It’s funny and believable and makes the main story both much sweeter and much creepier at the same time.
  • Keiichi POV: It won’t change your opinion of him or the relationship. He’s definitely consistent with the main story.
  • Masaomi POV: The shorter format makes Masaomi’s story work better, and Masaomi’s internal dialogue and nearly complete uninterest in those around him are really entertaining.

Bottom Line: Good content with a high price tag. Unless you absolutely adore a character wait for a sale.

Voltage’s Serendipity Next Door is available on iOS and Android.


Serendipity Next Door: Jinpachi Impressions and Review – Spoiler Free

Basic Premise: Two neighbors get to know one another while dealing with every-day life.

IMG_0161Well, I don’t necessarily want him, but I do want this story.

I cannot fully recommend it to everyone, but what this story gets right, it really gets right.

  • Stock elements are used. The main character’s often naive and acts before reflecting, the leading man must physically rescue her more than once, and convenient set-ups are utilized. Yet how all the characters react and speak are unique and consistent while still evolving.
  • The difference in personalities, experience levels, and ages all come through in all the characters without smacking the reader over the head.
  • The word choice and humor just work for me. Several times I faintly noted that intellectually something should bother me, but I was too busy snickering to actually care…



Bottom Line: Recommended to those who wish to see basic ideas become unique through good writing and localization.  Or to those who just need a good laugh.

Voltage’s Serendipity Next Door is available on iOS and Android.

Voltage Japan Sale PSA

Real life’s still eating all my reviewing time, but I did want to give y’all a heads-up.

This weekend Voltage Japan has discounted main routes, sequel routes, epilogues, and special stories for eighteen routes.

It’s a little overwhelming, quite frankly, but what surprised and pleased me the most is ALL the “Another Story” and “His POV” routes are only $0.99 in the US iOS store.  These routes rarely go on sale, and I’ve never seen them this inexpensive.

The In Your Arms Tonight Another Story routes are just as long as the main stories and some of them are really well done.  Many of the different His POV for different apps really add to the story too so I’d go ahead and give them a try as well.  Check out my review archive if you want more particulars.  🙂

Serendipity Next Door Byron / Keiichi Main Route Impressions and Review – Spoiler Free

Basic Premise: Two neighbors get to know one another while dealing with every-day life.


  • The main character may be naive, but she’s brave enough to admit her feelings and move on if they are not returned.
  • The secondary women characters are more sympathetic than the other routes I have tried. I like Mitsuko here.
  • Keiichi has some funny moments.
  • The translation is excellent.


  • Keiichi manages to hit many of my pet peeves. He continuously makes disparaging comments about the main character’s physical appearance, attitude, personality, and fashion sense without building a relationship first. He goes through her things without her permission and invades her personal space. I don’t know what the author was going for, but this is not the way to make me think “oh, this person’s such a good friend!” This is not friendship. This is bullying. He barges into the MC’s life without a real connection to her, pulls back when she says she cares for him and tells her she’s wrong…then continues to jerk her back into his orbit. He’s selfish, he’s fake, and I wanted to smack him with a rolled-up newspaper every time. And I like him in the other routes, dangit.
  • The MC spends a good portion of the route getting a makeover and learning to be feminine and sexy. If it was something she had decided on her own she wanted, this wouldn’t bother me. The fact that she’s pressured into it so she can win some guy’s approval grinds my gears.

Overall: A disappointment; I’m glad I bought it on discount.

Voltage’s Serendipity Next Door is available on iOS and Android.

Serendipity Next Door Izumi Sequel Impressions and Review – Spoiler Free

Basic Premise: Izumi and the MC face extended family problems.

Well that was a disappointment. I really enjoy Izumi’s main route for the two main leads and their interactions. The sequel has none of that. All the characters had me yelling “WHO ACTS LIKE THIS?!” The execution of the plot is clumsy, especially compared to the original route. Either the two stories have different writers, or the same writer didn’t put in as much effort for the sequel.

I’m skipping the usual positive and negative sections because I couldn’t make myself muddle all the way through it again to take notes. Still, have a few quotes from the first few chapters:

  • MC: “I gotta work harder so I look like your girlfriend!” I puff out my cheeks and clench my fists.
  • Me: Whaaaat?

  • MC: I smile at him, but he doesn’t notice and looks away.
  • Me: Editor needed in chapter three

  • MC: Just then, isomer jogs up.
  • Me: Overly helpful spell-check strikes again.

Overall: Not recommended.  :/ I’m off to play Izumi’s main route again to purge the taste.

Voltage’s Serendipity Next Door is available on iOS and Android.

Serendipity Next Door: Izumi Impressions and Review – Spoiler Free

Basic Premise: Two neighbors get to know one another while dealing with every-day life.


  • I like the starting premise much better than some of Voltage’s other titles.

  • In the prologue the MC’s not dwelling on how cute/talented/whatever the guys are. She’s mostly thinking about her work, her friend, her breakfast, and whether she can leave an impromptu gathering yet. Voltage, please keep this author employed.

  • The MC acts like a functional, articulate, proactive, funny person while still having foibles. When she has a problem, whether personal or professional, she acknowledges it and works to fix it.

  • Ignore Izumi’s character screen description and advertising. Seriously, not once in the story does he say something sarcastic or act like a tsundere. (Look, Mom, I learned a new vocabulary word!) Izumi is driven, responsible, and polite yet still manages to feel like someone in their early twenties. I know/have known several people like this, and the author nails this personality.

  • The MC and Izumi feel like genuine friends. I like their friendship so much that I would have been fine if they never developed romantic feelings.


  • The first chapter makes me face-palm. If I hadn’t read a recommendation by another player I would have skipped this route. It’s silly, and overly cutesy, and feels like it should be on some tween Disney show.

  • The recurring underwear gag makes me sigh every time. The MC has to be in her late twenties…and she’s embarrassed about a thong? Either shove it in your pocket or make a joke about it and get on with your life.

Favorite Quotes

  • Izumi: “What are you doing here?”

  • Me: “Staring at the bicycle that magically appeared behind you.”

  • Izumi: “I mean, you’re technically a woman, so…”

  • MC: “’Technically?’ Listen here…”

  • MC: *sniffle* Crap…I’m going to ruin my makeup.

  • *MC shares her food with Masaomi*

  • MC: “How is it?”

  • Masaomi: “…Good.”

  • Masaomi: “It looks terrible though.”

  • MC: “…I’m glad you like it.”

Overall: This route has two amusing, believable leads in a plot I’ve never seen Voltage produce before. Highly recommended.

Voltage’s Serendipity Next Door is available on iOS and Android.