Our Two Bedroom Story’s Akiyoshi Route Impressions and Review

In case you missed it, here are my general impressions of Our Two Bedroom Story.  Now, on to Akiyoshi’s route.


  • The MC has independent professional assignments she handles competently.
  • The MC stands up for herself when she should.
  • Akiyoshi acts like a grown-up, and the relationship progression feels believable.
  • Akiyoshi has his hair out of his eyes.  Petty, yes, but still a plus for me.


  • Two painful “anatomy doesn’t work that way” sprites pulled me out of the story. The interviewee’s face is wonky, and Akiyoshi’s hand is creepy. One section is twice as long as it should be compared to the other sections, and it’s present nearly every time he’s on screen. I turned the text background all the way black to block it and tried to forget I’d ever seen it.
  • While she usually makes sensible choices, the MC has a couple of stupid moments.  First, she presses a personal topic with someone who is giving off “I don’t want to talk about this” vibes.  Second, she walks home alone and tipsy at night. After she said she was going to call a cab.  Come again?

Overall: Finally, an Our Two Bedrom Story route I can recommend without major caveats.  After the last two, I was pretty underwhelmed by the whole app; I’m glad I stuck with it long enough to try Akiyoshi!

Voltage’s Our Two Bedroom Story is available on iOS and Android.

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