In Your Arms Tonight Koichi POV Impressions and Review

This review assumes you have already played Koichi’s main route and will make no attempt to keep the plot unspoiled.

Basic Premise: You see Koichi’s thought processes as he tries to puzzle out his wife’s motivations and refusal to abandon him.


  • Koichi is not softened; he’s still a gruff, closed-off adulterer. At the same time, he does not come across as a mustache-twirling villain. He hurts the main character in many ways, yet he’s never malicious.
  • I love the main character’s quiet commitment and stubbornness in holding to her belief of what a relationship and marriage can and should be – both for her sake and Koichi’s.
  • The latter part of the story shows Koichi and the MC as two equals supporting each other with both professional concerns and extended family concerns. It’s frank, a little awkward, sweet, and fit the tone of the previous chapters.


  • I still don’t understand how Koichi and Ai first got together. Koichi focuses so much on professional advancement. Why would he risk sleeping with his boss’s wife whom he met a year into her marriage if he doesn’t have some kind of feelings for her? If he wants just sex, there are less risky ways to get it.

Overall: I really like this route. I haven’t found another character or plot like Koichi’s. Still, Koichi rubs many players the wrong way. If you hated him in the main game, his POV route won’t change your mind.

Voltage’s In Your Arms Tonight is available on iOS and Android.

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