My Killer Romance Xavier Sequels Impressions and Review – Spoiler Free

Xavier’s main route review is found here.

Volume One

Basic Premise: Attend a royal ball. Try to avoid being poisoned.


  • The banter between the MC and Xavier fits naturally with the main route.
  • The main mystery plot has some interesting political and supernatural elements.


  • The player has to watch both Xavier and the MC be dense about the mystery plot and wait for them to figure out some fairly obvious clues. I could accept it more easily if it were Keiran; Xavier’s too cynical and savvy to be missing such basic things.
  • Oh good. The villain’s monologuing for no particular reason.
  • I kept wanting more variety in the dialog options

Bottom Line: I enjoyed the banter, but it’s not one of my favorites.

Volume Two

Basic Premise: Help locate lost souls.  Try to work out exactly what went wrong with these characters.


  • Yay, Nelly!
  • The MC’s power is useful.


  • Okay, where did Xavier and the MC go? Not only are their characters and interactions inconsistent with earlier routes, they contradict each other in the SAME route. Both of them irritated me, but the MC nearly made me throw the iPad. She’s judgmental, physically abusive, and so stupid about a basic fact regarding the Death Realm that my mouth was hanging open once I realized that she hadn’t figured this out before.

Bottom Line: Not recommended.

Voltage Entertainment USA’s My Killer Romance is available on iOS and Android.

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