To Love & Protect Marc Main Route Impressions and Review – Spoilers

Basic Premise: The MC discovers she’s the president’s daughter and must now be protected from his enemies.

My general impressions of the app and other route reviews can be found here.

*Spoilers for the Central Mystery Ahead*


  • The MC doesn’t immediately click with her father and has some trouble adjusting to her new circumstances.
  • Some of the conversations and internal dialog made me laugh.
  • The main mystery plot does not focus on the MC or her father’s political enemies but on Marc’s serial killer case. The handling of the kidnapping and how the case resolves (or rather doesn’t resolve) surprised and pleased me. People get scared no matter who’s with them, suspects refuse to talk, and murders go unsolved. It didn’t feel unsatisfying though; more of this please!
  • Marc’s making it a point to detangle his expectations and feelings about the MC from his former girlfriend and telling her so is surprisingly well done. He’s reasonable, he’s fair, and (mostly) sounds like a believable person. The MC’s response is good too.


  • The MC has to be under constant surveillance yet still bops out to get groceries alone in the middle of the night so she can run into Marc for a small relationship building moment that could have been worked in elsewhere. And no one brings it up. And later in the story she gets scolded for running off. This is just the first example. Her security needs are terribly inconsistent and her encounters with different characters don’t feel natural. I kept sighing and asking, “Care to explain yourself, game?”
  • The dialog and interactions between the two leads aren’t good enough to overcome all the “now wait a minute” moments it takes to get them together.

Everything Else

  • Using the symbolism behind the flowers is a nice touch, but the in-game explanation is wrong.

Bottom Line: Despite the problems, it’s still worth reading if you can get it on sale.

Voltage Entertainment USA’s To Love & Protect is available on iOS and Android.

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