In Your Arms Tonight Shohei Sequel Impressions and Review – Slight Spoilers

Basic Premise: The main character and Shohei create their own relationship obstacles one year after becoming a couple.


  • When the MC and Shohei are not refusing to talk with each other about their insecurities, their dialog and interactions flow naturally.
  • The MC has more professional responsibilities and navigates the accompanying problems well.


  • The visuals are sloppy. Articles of clothing disappear and reappear; different areas of the same building have completely different decorating and art styles.
  • Too many flash-backs clog the story. Every chapter has at least one flash-back to an over-the-top moment of the main route or a flash-back to a scene in the sequel. Most chapters have more than one.
  • I liked Shohei in the main route, but the further I got into the sequel, the less I liked or believed him as a character. He says and does some things that are inconsistent both for his personality and with the plot arc.
  • *minor spoiler* The MC blames herself when a coworker kisses her because she “left herself open” and therefore feels guilty. They were walking back from a work assignment to the office. She had never flirted, and the coworker knew she was dating someone else. And yet the MC still feels like it’s her fault because…she existed near a man with poor impulse control? For the rest of the story, the writer lets her stew in this misplaced guilt and never points out or implies that she’s the victim, not someone to blame. No. NO. NO.


  • MC: “You could have left me alone.”
  • Shohei: “Oh? I can drop you off in that dumpster over there…”
  • MC: “I should thank you, Shohei.”
  • Shohei: “What for?”
  • MC: “Just ‘cuz.”
  • Shohei: “…Weirdo.”
  • MC: “Oh, are you bad at accepting gratitude too?”
  • Miyata: “What’s so great about Shohei?”
  • Me: “Where’s the ‘Nothing. After the past few weeks; I’m ditching him’ option?”
  • *Shohei tells family about their relationship*
  • Ryota: “Thank you, Mai!”
  • Mayu: “For accepting our dumb big brother…”
  • Hiroki: “Are you sure Sho’s good enough?”
  • Aki: “If he’s not, don’t be afraid to dump him!”

Overall: Not recommended. Some of the early dialogs are lovely, but Shohei himself is too inconsistent. :/

Voltage’s In Your Arms Tonight is available on iOS and Android.

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