3 thoughts on “Anticipated Games

  1. Have you seen the Queen’s Gambit website? I’m hyped up about that one.

    I do want to play DAI but I was so burnt by DA2 that I’m going to wait for the post release reviews.

    Which one is choice of rebels?

    • Choice of Rebels is a CoG work-in-progress. You can find the beta here: https://forum.choiceofgames.com/t/choice-of-rebels-wip/1601 . I usually ignore WiPs until an official release, but the writing here is so good that I check for updates every few months.

      I check Queen’s Gambit every so often. Voltage USA does a poor job getting updates noticed. I have them on facebook, tumbler, and an official forum and STILL have to dig for new information. The developers were forthright answering my questions during the open Q/A so I assume it’s inexperience rather than standoffish-ness. I’m pleased that each character will get an individual prolog – more accurate advertising for each route.

      Were you ever able to enjoy DA2? The friendship/rivalry system saved that game for me. I loved prodding the different characters’ belief systems and personalities. Unfortunately, you have to play the game at least twice to realize how deep the characters can be, and few people have the time and patience to do that in a copy-paste-exploding-corpse fest. Did you play Mass Effect 3?

      • I enjoyed some parts of DA2, like the fact I could kill Anders for what he had done. I think that’s the part I loved the most! hahaha The fact that my first play through was a mage did not help in my impression of the game either. If they did not have the time to get the story straight and create some kind of excuse as to why you are able to walk freely on the streets, they should have changed setting. And the same city for ten years! Never changing. And when I sided with the mages at the end and killed everyone but Orsino still turned into an abomination I almost threw my laptop at the wall! I was cursing so much my husband came in the room to see what was wrong.

        I played all the Mass Effect games. I have the Xbox version, and two copies of the PC version for the first one. Mass Effect 1 is my favorite game console/PC game. And again, that ME3 ending made me cringe. The Citadel DLC was perfection though! So much fun!

        Have you played Knights of the Republic? And Jade Empire? I do love a lot of Bioware games!

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