Dreamy Days in West Tokyo: Ryuzo Main Route Impressions and Review – Spoiler Free

Basic Premise: The seventeen-year-old main character moves back to the town and friends she left ten years ago.


  • Ryuzo and his family are peculiar and funny.  He’s dense, short-tempered, hard-working, and protective; his father acts more like a competitive brother, and his sisters are adorable.
  • The MC’s memories with the guys are told through flash-back sections, not long sections of dialog where character A recounts what she did with character B in excruciating detail.
  • Takeshi’s deadpan dialog always entertains.


  • The MC makes some fairly stupid decisions.
  • The plot moves in fits and starts.  I’ve certainly read worse, but this one does not flow well.
  • It doesn’t feel like a believable romance or friendship to me.  At the end it felt like they were together because everyone told Ryu he should be with the MC, not because he liked her in particular.


  • Ryu: “If you keep staring at me, I swear I’m going to bite you.  Starting with the head…”
  • Tak: “Did you want to give this (lunch) to Ryu?”
  • Ryu: “Well then, you should’ve given it to me and not Tak.”
  • Tak: “Do you want me to throw up what I just ate?”
  • MC: “No, we can do without that, thank you!”
  • Ryu: “Shut up. I’m giving you a compliment.”
  • Tak: “Don’t worry.  If he keeps on refusing your lunches, I will eat them every day.  So, just keep making them every day until Ryu does start accepting them.”
  • Johji: “Well, even if I tease Ryu, it’s not much fun on account of him being so dense.”
  • Ryu: “If you don’t like what I’m going to do…punch me.”
  • Me: What a romantic.

Overall: Mostly this route makes me want a route focused on Ryu’s family.  As a relationship story, it just doesn’t gel for me.

Voltage’s Dreamy Days in West Tokyo is available on iOS and Android.

4 thoughts on “Dreamy Days in West Tokyo: Ryuzo Main Route Impressions and Review – Spoiler Free

  1. This is my least favorite Voltage Japan story!

    I guess the MC is supposed to be a young meek teenager and it rubs me wrong every time she speaks!

    There is the unreported attempted rape, Ryu slut shaming the MC and by the end, all I wanted to do was kick him in the nuts! Haha did not play any of the other characters after that.

    This one turned me off to Voltage Inc for two months, I was really disappointed.

  2. Ha! Stay away from Kaoru’s sequel then (Our Two Bedroom Story); he’s fine, but the new character… Ugh.

    Dreamy Days in West Tokyo has the least consistent quality of the Voltage Inc games I’ve tried. Rihito’s MC and Takeshi’s MC have a lot more backbone than Ryo’s, and the male leads don’t put her down. Johji’s route was a complete what-the-heck from beginning to end, and I had already read a review warning me away from Haruki’s main route. If Takeshi and the family hadn’t been so funny in Ryu’s route, I would have been a lot more irritated too.

    What intrigued you enough to try Voltage’s games again?

    • I’m hooked on the Voltage USA ones. 🙂
      I love the Speakeasy series.
      But they have such a small team and can’t put out the games as fast.
      So I have to fall back on VJ to curb my cravings! Hehehe

      • If you’re looking for another fix, have you tried Shall We Date?: Scarlet Fate? At the moment, the routes are $3.99 and (unlike pretty much every other NTT Solmare title) have decent writing and translation. I just bought Akifusa and Kodonomae so I can’t comment on those two, but Kuso’s route is great. The leads actually grow, there’s an interesting main plot, and there’s proper pacing.

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