In Your Arms Tonight Ritsu Impressions and Review – Spoiler Free

Ritsu: “You are such a weirdo.”

MC: “You’re weirder.”

In Your Arms Tonight‘s Ritsu main route has a very different structure and feel than the other routes. It’s not cutesy or passionate or titillating. It barely contains any romance, yet it’s now tied with Soji’s main route as my favorite.  Ritsu and Koichi have been friends much longer than either of them have known the main character which changes the dynamic.


  • The writing gives the reader credit. Some routes I’ve read bashed me over the head with grand gestures and constant reminders about how the MC feels or how cute the hero is. This route trusts the reader to draw inferences from quiet, believable conversations and small actions.

  • Ritsu’s detached observation and bluntness strike many as odd (both in setting and out), but I have known/know a few people exactly like this. The author captures this personality almost perfectly. Also, ignore the character description screen. It describes him as “sercastic” which, besides being misspelled, is incorrect. He never once utters a sarcastic remark.

  • Ritsu and the main character may be in a weird situation, but they are honorable adults. They don’t become overly familiar or needle each other to get a reaction. They give Koichi every opportunity to get his act together .

  • Ritsu and the MC become genuine friends, interested in each other’s work and personal lives without being pushy or doing it for personal gain.

  • Ritsu’s family history is executed so well. It informs his personality and actions, but it’s not a large focus of the story. He doesn’t over-react when he addresses it, and the MC never feels the need to “fix” him.

  • The MC isn’t as decisive here as she in Soji’s route (where she’s dumped Koichi at the very beginning), but she isn’t as wishy-washy as some of the others. She works hard at her first independent professional assignment and takes care of others without becoming a doormat.

  • The MC moves into her own apartment at the story’s end. I like seeing that independence.


  • I still don’t understand why Koichi asked Ritsu for a particular favor.

Overall: I adore this route. Recommended to those who want a unique, quiet story.

Voltage’s In Your Arms Tonight is available on iOS and Android.

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