Hosted Choice of Games Recommendations and Reviews

As promised, here are my recommended hosted Choice of Games titles.

  • Tin Star: you are unexpectedly made marshal in the Old West. The characters feel real, the setting and history are well-researched, and your choices feel like they have a real impact. I replay it fairly often and will be trying Allen Gies’ other games soon.
  • Zombie Exodus: you try to survive the zombie apocalypse. If you’re like me, you’re bored of zombies by now, but still give this one a try. It won me over. The many characters feel distinct and believable, and you have many choices to shape your character and ending. Another title that I replay.  Datillo is currently working on another game in the same setting.
  • Way Walkers: University and Way Walkers: University II: you go to school to begin your magical education. Yes, it does sound like Harry Potter, but don’t dismiss it immediately. The races, religion, and lore are very different and (no offense to Rowling) much more interesting. J. Leigh loves her setting, as her encyclopedic website shows. The third part of the trilogy has yet to be released.
  • Life of a Wizard: gives much freedom and variability from beginning to end.  Mike Walter (the author) is currently beta-testing his Life of a Mobster.
  • Wizard’s Choice: you navigate a creepy, magical world while protecting those you love. This title feels more like a D&D campaign than most of the other CoGs. What you lose in customization you gain in plot. This series was the hardest I played. I reloaded a lot, but the world and characters made it worth it. The later titles do have some disturbing imagery, but there isn’t anything vulgar.   (This title does not have a demo on the website.  Sorry.)

Whatever you do, please don’t make Unnatural your first CoG title. If it had been mine, I would have never tried another CoG.  As of version 1.1.1, the grammar and typos make it nigh unreadable. And I have muddled through some really poor localization before. Kabell, the setting sounds awesome, but I can’t see it through all the numerous, glaring typos.

Most of the titles have a free demo, so give ’em a try.

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