Speakeasy Tonight Vince POV Impressions and Review

This review assumes you have already played Vince’s main route (review found here) and makes no attempt to keep the plot unspoiled.


  • Vince’s voice fits perfectly with the main route. His personality and know-how dealing with the MC is just plain fun.

  • In the original route, a couple of the chapters felt padded by the MC’s relationship waffling. Here the shorter length and Vince’s perspective make it more snappy.

  • The MC’s arrival outfit is suitably appalling.

  • Editing is spot-on.


  • The MC’s surprised face still looks like a fish.

  • Voltage Entertainment USA doesn’t illustrate guns well. The Tommy Guns throw pistol shadows. Worse still, Vince holds the Colt at the bottom of the grip. Between two fingers. Angled towards his best friend. *headdesk*

  • Admittedly a YMMV aspect, but it seemed like every physical encounter from the main route was detailed again. About the third time, I was wishing for more time spent interacting with secondary characters instead.

Wait-a-Minute Moments

  • In other routes, the MC is the middle of three sisters. In this one, she’s the eldest of two.  She is now the middle of three once again.

  • What’s the book on Vince’s nightstand? I dearly hope it’s something like Don Quixote or Principles of Philosophy.

Favorite Quotes

  • Vince: “C’mon, doll…it’s dinner! Ain’t like I’m expecting more than I already got.”

  • Vince: “What says ‘I love ya’ more than a nickel-plated revolver and a box of shells?”

  • Me: Word.

  • Vince: It was a stall an’ he knew it. I knew he knew an’ he knew I knew he knew. We was a very knowledgeable pair.

Overall: Recommended.  It’s funny and sweet without being saccharine.

Voltage Entertainment USA’s Speakeasy Tonight is available on iOS.

5 thoughts on “Speakeasy Tonight Vince POV Impressions and Review

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  2. About the sisters thing … Oops. My bad. Should have caught that. The younger sister was fresh in my mind because she’s mentioned in the Neil epilogue … but I plumb forgot about the other one!

    Any book on Vince’s nightstand that doesn’t have “Hot,” “Blood,” “Blazing”, “Death/Dead” in the title and cowboys, horses, lariats, and six-shooters embossed on its spine is probably not Vince’s book.

    Also, the “i knew he knew … etc.” was literally stolen with only mild paraphrasing from one of my favorite plays/movies, “The Lion in Winter” (1968). Or perhaps I could say that, like Shakespeare, I was doing an “homage.”

    • The sisters variation was jarring. Poor woman – she either sounds sad (another route) or doesn’t exist!

      Let’s go with homage. I’m with Anne Shirley: “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” 🙂

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