Regency Love Impressions and Review – Spoiler Free

Basic Premise: You play as the protagonist of one of Jane Austen’s more appealing novels. As much as I appreciate Fanny, I’d rather be Elizabeth or Elinor, thank you.


  • The different music tracks fit the time period and mood well.
  • I really like the art style. Because the illustrations have a soft painted look I didn’t have any “anatomy doesn’t work that way” moments as I tend to with more photo-realistic and detailed styles.
  • As I mentioned earlier, the writing is like Austen’s novels, not the fluffier adaptations that remove all the bite and pathos. Along with moments of chatting with friends and enjoying the company of Lord Fat Cat, the player will see others’ frailties and sense the precarious nature of both the character’s position as a poor gentlewoman and a citizen of a country at war.
  • The word choice and sentence structure fit the time period. The variety of opinions your character can express also work within the setting. For example, the main character may be perfectly content with current gender roles, show herself an early feminist, or somewhere in between, but how she phrases her opinion feels believable. She’s not a 2014 Western woman magically transported to another time and place.
  • The characters stay consistent and reasonable, and the plots are well-paced. That, coupled with the various secondary characters, made the world believable.
  • The tone and plots are very chaste. When two characters hold hands for the first time it feels more significant than some other stories’ first sleeping together. I love that.
  • Classic novels, poems, and plays are referenced, but familiarity with the works is not required to understand the conversations.


  • If you go too far down a certain path, one of the routes has a few BUT THOU MUST moments to complete the story that annoyed me. This game offers and respects many more player choices than most CoG apps, Voltage apps, or RPGs which makes these few moments all the more jarring.
  • Quotations and quiz questions will eventually repeat. I like the minigames the first few playthroughs, but I would welcome an option to skip them by the fifth time I went through it again.

Everything Else

  • iTunes categorizes this app as iPhone only, but it works perfectly on my iPad.
  • The dev team continues to work on new routes. Keep an eye on their blog for updates.

Bottom Line: I adore this game. Highly recommended.

Tea for Three Studio’s Regency Love is available on iOS.

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