Scarlet Fate Gentoka Route Review and Impressions – Spoilers

It took me two weeks to replay this route. It’s been rough.

The odd thing is Gentoka’s route is more interesting than Akifusa‘s, but that made it harder to get through. I kept almost getting pulled into the story or almost having the relationship work – and then having bad pacing or a repeated metaphor kill it. Then I’d work out how to fix the problem, then make myself stop because down that road lies fanfic, and I just don’t have time for that.

I can’t discuss positives and negatives properly without spoilers so







  • The MC is focused, competent, and gets to rescue the guy.
  • Akifusa gets to be a cool character. In all the other routes he’s an object of pity or ridicule. Here he’s on equal footing with everyone else.
  • Gentoka is the only one who consistently refers to the MC by her given name, not her title. It accents his disinterest in divine and human politics and is a welcome break after the other guys’ routes.
  • It has some of the weightiest story moments of the routes. Two of the main cast intentionally kill each other. Gentoka goes mad and kills soldiers on his side, and the MC kills men who were forced to track her. And none of it is hand-waved or magically undone by the end. The characters must acknowledge what they have done and decide how to proceed.


  • No secondary female characters appear.
  • The relationship pacing and progression are odd – like the author had the individual scenes written on index cards, tripped, scrambled to pick up the scattered notes, and never bothered to put them back in order before writing the story. It’s a pity, too, because some of the scenes felt believable and mature enough to really make me care about these two.
  • Unnecessary threatened rape featured.
  • Near the end of the story the MC remembers that she didn’t actually commit the act that had caused her so much guilt for years. Why? What purpose does this serve? She’s still killed others since then. What, does the author want us to think they didn’t count for some reason? It doesn’t flow with the whole “yeah, we both have done some pretty crummy things to survive but we’ve got to keep going” message that’s emphasized throughout the story. To make it doubly weird, she receives no such reprieve in the other routes.
  • Gentoka’s treatment of his one friend really bothers me. “Hello, my bosom comrade! We have just lost a bitter war, and our allies have turned against us. I have snatched you from the brink of death and will FORCE immortality upon you. And now I’m leaving. Have fun completely alone as you’re eaten up by PTSD. Forever.” All the other horrible things Gentoka had done before I could see as self-defense, but this was just cruel. And neither of the leads react appropriately. Ugh.

Everything Else

  • The translation is competent, and the story flows. The point of view shifts are not always well-signaled though.
  • The word “sin” is used all the time and for situations that don’t quite fit. Once I started replacing the word “sin” with “guilt,” the story and themes made much more sense.

Bottom Line: I recommend Kodonomae‘s or Kuso‘s routes over this one, but this is the best of the three routes that send the MC to the capital.

Idea Factory’s Shall We Date?: Scarlet Fate courtesy of NTT Solmare is available on iOS and Android.

5 thoughts on “Scarlet Fate Gentoka Route Review and Impressions – Spoilers

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  3. (SPOILER ALERT, just to be safe)
    The two that caught my interest were Gentoka and Kuso and I ended up getting far too attached to Gentoka for my own good. Of everything I’ve read so far in other games, etc – shit, even some real books – his story has been my absolute favorite, by far, so now that I’m ready to move onto Kuso’s, I’m freaking stoked to hear that his is written even better (from your review); however, seeing as there were some pretty surprising deaths in Gentoka’s route, I’m worried as all hell whether or not Gentoka will die in Kuso’s route, or any other route, really. It’s unlikely I’ll read another one aside from Kuso, but I’d appreciate a warning of which ones to avoid, just in case. I just… really don’t think I could handle him dying. Thank you!

    • I apologize for the late reply. It’s been quite a while since I read any of the Scarlet Fate route, but I’m 98% sure no other route kills off any of the main cast. You should be safe. I hope you enjoy Kuso’s route. 🙂

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