Knight of My Heart: Henri Spin-off and Sequel Impressions and Review – Spoilers at End

You can find Henri’s main route review here.  This review will focus on his spin-off and sequel.

Henri’s The Suitor is one of my favorite secondary stories from Voltage.  Instead of action sequences, over-the-top dialog, and grand gestures, I found two intelligent people facing real relationship obstacles in a believable manner.  Go buy it.

Henri’s sequel is more of a mixed bag. I enjoy the dialog and secondary characters enough to recommend it, but the main couple really irritate me.


  • More time spent with Catherine, Isabelle, and Jacques.  I also like the new secondary characters.
  • The intrigue plot ties into the main route’s story, and the two orphans make a reappearance.
  • Word choice again transports the player to a different time, and much of the dialog is amusing.  I suggest you try all the options so as not to miss the funniest lines.


  • The wrong sprites appear for Henri in two different scenes.
  • The royal nurse never makes an appearance even though the main route says she will be summoned.
  • The couple’s disagreement scenes feel like forced drama compared to the other stories.  Both the MC and Henri have valid points, but her overly emotional reactions and Henri’s anger didn’t feel like quite the same couple as the main route and spin-off.

*Spoilers Ahead*

    • One chapter in particular had me yelling at the screen.  I was annoyed the MC asks her father to change his mind about Henri’s assignment and equally annoyed that the King does not dismiss his adviser.  In The Suitor, the King and the MC seem pretty close and see each other without other people around to talk about important matters.  I was annoyed with both the MC for being unreasonable and with Henri for being so pushy.  And I was particularly annoyed when I chose the “get out” option and instead got an angry sex scene. I had had enough of these two, thanks. Fortunately, a good scene with the secondary characters follows.
  • For someone who declares “I am the Princess of Valois, someday its queen, Henri, and we live not in some fairy tale kingdom but in a place plagued by difficulties and more than a few enemies,” the MC makes some spectacularly stupid decisions.  She leaves for a public appearance with only one guard.  She throws herself into battle and nearly dies during an encounter that did not require her participation.  She determines to rescue Henri herself when her presence only adds to the rescue party’s responsibilities. Her safety as sole royal heir was important enough to conceal her identity for years, and now she doesn’t seem to give a damn. Later in the story she muses:
      • “It makes me question the motives behind actions I have taken about my determination to put myself at risk despite the very real concerns expressed by Henri and Father.”

      • Do tell, MC. *sighs*

      • She feels more intelligent than this in the other stories.

At least she’s still funny.  Here’s my favorite quote:  “Thank you, Jacques. I will dedicate my next nightmares to you.”  XD

Voltage Entertainment USA’s Knight of My Heart is available on iOS and Android.


Knight of My Heart: Henri Main Route Impressions and Review – Spoiler Free

Basic Premise: The main character copes with new responsibilities and dangers after abruptly learning her royal lineage.


  • The MC has brains, initiative, and a sense of humor.
  • The setting is reinforced by word choice and syntax.
  • Editing is spot-on.
  • Henri’s personal story is the most interesting of the routes I tried.
  • Henri’s horse, Phillipe, is just as amusing in this route as Jacques’.
  • My two favorite secondary characters have a good ending.


  • As I’ve mentioned in other route reviews, the art style is painful, and the prologue is blah.
  • I *think* the game means “dressing gown” rather than “nightgown.” I can imagine hiding a picture in a robe pocket or tightening a robe – not so much a nightgown.
  • The MC can’t kiss Philippe when she’s told to reward her champion. I really wanted that option. XD
  • The MC goes from outrage and bitter disappointment to complete acceptance and reconciliation very quickly in a couple of scenes, almost like she could flip an emotional switch. I would have appreciated slower pacing.

Overall: Recommended; this is my favorite of the main routes so far. You can find my thoughts on Henri’s sequel and spin-off here.

Voltage Entertainment USA’s Knight of My Heart is available on iOS and Android.

Knight of My Heart: Jacques Impressions and Review – Spoiler Free

Basic Premise: The main character copes with abruptly learning about her royal lineage and with being under constant threat from would-be usurpers.


  • The relationship dynamic between Jacques and the MC is quite similar to that of my husband and myself so it felt believable.

  • Setting is reinforced by word choice and syntax.

  • The MC is well-read and usually makes sensible choices.

  • Ser Isabella is awesome; she needs her own spin-off.

  • Phillipe, Henri’s horse, has such an attitude that I laugh every time he appears. I tried Henri’s route just for him.


  • The relationship dynamic between Jacques and the MC is quite similar to that of my husband and myself. I already have someone with whom to trade barbs and discuss literature and philosophy.

  • The art is painful. At least there are no comments about how handsome/pretty a character is. Those passages feel like wasted time in nicely illustrated games and completely jarring in poorly illustrated ones.

  • Some sentences use both “I” and “she” when referring to the MC.

  • Since the MC is well-read and has a fair grasp of the kingdom’s history, her surprise at Pierre’s pointing out that royal relationships have political ramifications felt out of place.

  • I want Jacques and Isabella together, dang it.

Wait-a-Minute Moments

  • The king’s initial plan to keep the MC safe does not seem particularly wise.

  • How did this village girl gain access to so many books?

Overall: I recommend Jacques’ route to anyone who likes an intelligent MC and can get past the art style choices.

Voltage Entertainment USA’s Knight of My Heart is available on iOS and Android.


Knight of My Heart Nicolas Review and Impressions – Spoilers

Knight of My Heart‘s Nicolas route is so poorly executed I nearly quit in the second chapter. The knights are incompetent bodyguards. The main character and Nicholas have no natural relationship growth. Plot holes abound. The syntax and grammar need help.

I will say the MC improves as the story progresses. Her conflicted feelings about her new station and her willingness to take necessary action made me cheer at times. If I could divorce those parts from the unbelievable romance interactions I would really like her.

The only way I finished the game was to keep a running snark commentary as I played. I ended with four pages worth of cringe-worthy moments.  Here are a few of the worst offenders:


  • The characters talk like modern Americans.  No attempt was made through word choice and sentence structure to make it feel like a different time or place.

  • The cat’s eating bread. Why is the cat eating bread? And why can’t MC pet it? She could love on the horse (Phillipe) in other routes.

  • “I speak and act from my heart. What more do I need?” A tactical brain would be nice, MC, though as your knights seem as idiotic I won’t fuss at you alone.

  • “He picked me up and moved me.” Without warning or a by-your-leave. I treat my toddler with more respect than Nicolas does a grown woman. And she just accepts it.

  • Nicolas: “We have explained time and time again that no taxes have been collected against their will, but…” Pardon me, Nicolas, but that is either an incredibly bad interpretation of your Japanese counterpart’s line or the stupidest sentence I have ever found in a Voltage game. What, a serf or merchant can just DECLINE to pay his taxes and the government will be totally cool with losing that revenue and respect the decision? The mind boggles.

  • Robert, the rebellion leader, tries to recruit others to his cause and provides good reasons for doing so. Frankly, if the king and knights are an example of the monarchy’s competency, I’m with him.

  • Oh look. Deus Ex Pirachina. How on earth did the pirates know where and when to appear for their rescue?

  • Have a couple of syntax/grammar doozies: “eyes lingered on the handkerchief with such mysticism” and “peaked my interest.”

If you wish to try this MST3K-worthy route, Voltage Entertainment USA’s Knight of My Heart is available on iOS and Android.

I’ll be back with one of the good routes within the week.