My Killer Romance: Blake Main Route – Spoilers

Basic Premise: A woman marked for death spends her last ten days with one of her reapers trying to accomplish one final wish. The general comments for all the routes apply to Blake’s as well.

I will skip the usual positive/negative review format as I try to suss out exactly why this route feels so…off.

Spoilers Ahead!

I think Blake’s supposed to be a flirty bad-boy, but he’s not very good at flirting and the worst thing he does is stand up the MC for drinks. Not buying it.

In the first half of the game, Blake treats the MC’s drive and seriousness as a problem that needs to be fixed (and his solution to the perceived problem fails spectacularly, by the way), yet in the second half of the game we learn he’s the exact same way. And it’s not pointed out. Huh?

Good grief, some of Blake’s sprites are bad. If the game didn’t spend so much time talking about how physically attractive he’s supposed to be, I could ignore it more easily. I don’t know if I could ever fully ignore a vest/dress pant/droopy diaper combination, but I would have tried. XD

A few clumsy “opposites attract” potential moments are introduced – MC focuses on work, Blake wants her to focus on fun; MC is an optimist, Blake is a pessimist – but never really developed.

The scene in which Blake and the MC talk about their parents really bothered me. The MC reassures Blake that every mother loves her child, she must have wanted him, good reason for leaving him, yadda yadda. That’s a nice sentiment and all, but the MC has no idea what was going on with Blake’s mom. I would have loved to get Kieran’s reaction to the whole conversation…

It never feels like a romance to me. Near the end I can see them starting to become friends, but the “AND I WILL NOW RISK EVERYTHING FOR YOU” is out of nowhere, especially for someone as career-oriented as Blake. All the other Collectors volunteering to help also felt really unbelievable. Leo, you’re smarter than this.

Neither the regular nor the best endings’ resolutions have real consequences compared to the other routes.

I do like the scene in which Raphael, Xavier, and Kieran discuss Death Realm museums. Leo’s complete lack of interest (well, until the very end) is also fun to see.

Overall: I’ve definitely read worse Voltage stories, but this route had the least consistent tone of the My Killer Romance routes.

Voltage Entertainment USA’s My Killer Romance is available on iOS and Android.

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