Scarlet Fate Furutsugu Route Impressions and Review

Comments that apply to all the routes in Shall We Date?: Scarlet Fate

  • An active, competent main character tries to save her village and friends from supernatural disaster.
  • The plot, not cutesy romance fluff, dominates the story. Politics, divine beings, and war feature in all the routes.
  • The translation is competent, and the story flows. The point of view shifts are not always well-signaled though.
  • The word “sin” is used all the time and for situations that don’t quite fit. Once I started replacing the word “sin” with “guilt,” the story and themes made much more sense.

Comments for Furutsugu’s route in particular


  • Furutsugu’s political ambitions and family connections tie nicely into the overarching plot. If Kuso-no-Mikioto’s writer had done Furutsugu’s plot, it could have been an even better route than Kuso’s.


  • The unbelievable dialog, the continued repetition of the same motivations, the baffling relationship pacing, and the clumsy execution of the plot all made me close the app in frustration on multiple occasions.
  • In all the other routes, the MC never willingly relinquishes her duty. In this route she hands over the sword that will destroy the entire world to save someone who’s going to die within the month anyway with no back-up plan. What the ****, MC?


Bottom Line: Not recommended. If I wasn’t determined to finish all the routes for review, I would have given up less than half way through. Try Kadonomae or Kuso instead.

Idea Factory’s Shall We Date?: Scarlet Fate courtesy of NTT Solmare is available on iOS and Android.

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