Intimate Business Review and Impressions – Spoiler Free

Main Positive: The main character has definite career ambitions and speaks up for herself and her work when needed.

Main Negative: As of iOS version 1.6, this is by far the buggiest Voltage title I have encountered. Wrong sprites appear, speakers are misidentified, text is repeated, random symbols appear, cross-fade moments misfire, and the lines of text are too long for the screen. Because the game is so glitchy, I will have one recommendation for the route’s writing itself and a second recommendation for whether you should wait for a patch.

Now, for the individual routes:

  • Noah: recommended; his route proves nearly any trope can be interesting if well-executed; solid enough to play now

  • James: recommended; the story and relationship feels believable (if less exciting than Noah’s), and James himself is lovely; solid enough to play now

  • Hunter: more about sex than the relationship – not really my thing but well-written (when I could see it – it’s the glitchiest of the bunch); wait for a patch

  • Alistair: meh; he himself is fine but the story lacked tension; solid enough to play now

  • Francis: not recommended; I didn’t believe him or the central relationship conflict; wait for a patch

  • Damon: zzzzzzz; I was too bored to finish another play-through for this version, but there were glitches in the first four chapters

Overall: A few good routes marred by numerous technical problems.  Voltage, did y’all run out of QA funding?

Voltage’s Intimate Business is available on iOS and Android.

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