White Lies & Sweet Nothings Epilogue Impressions and Review – Spoiler Free

If you’re look for a main route review, here you go.

First the comments that apply to all the epilogues:

  • The characters’ personalities and interactions are consistent with the main routes, like the same writer continued each story.

  • There’s no forced relationship drama.

  • Some of the plot points are goofy, but that matches the game’s tone.

Now for the individual routes:

  • Sam: I really like the interactions with the secondary characters, and the main couple make me giggle.

  • Mason: I love the main couple’s dialog and relationship dynamic. It’s a natural continuation of the main story with the right number of call-backs.

  • Darren: This route surprised and pleased me. It always bothered me a little that in his main route the MC couldn’t tell Darren to relax, she likes him whatever he does…and in the epilogue she realizes she should and DOES. The rom-com MC has character growth. Yay!

Overall: Recommended. I’m usually left feeling annoyed at either the short length or dumb plot points for Voltage epilogues, but these are really good.

Voltage Entertainment USA’s White Lies & Sweet Nothings is available on iOS and Android.

White Lies & Sweet Nothings Review and Impressions – Spoiler Free

White Lies & Sweet Nothings is hands-down my favorite offering from Voltage Entertainment USA. It feels like a romantic comedy done right: goofy, funny, and sweet with characters your root for. The MC has her ditzy moments, but she has initiative, brains, and a good sense of humor. The secondary characters are top-notch as well. I’d buy a spin-off focused solely on Mason’s sister, Gabby.

  • Sam: finally, a well-executed friendship-turned-romance; Sam is funny and kind without turning into a doormat, and the MC doesn’t feel like she’s taking advantage of him (my main problem with most of these types of stories)
  • Mason: awesome; the relationship progression feels natural and you can see why they fall for each other; and the “good ending” has some of the funniest writing I’ve found in Voltage titles – I prefer it to the “epic ending”
  • Dominic: probably my least favorite; he’s not bad himself, but I had figured out what the last big hurdle would be several chapters before the main character catches on; it felt like squandered time
  • Darren: better than Dominic and Ethan, worse than Sam and Mason; the running gags had me laughing
  • Ethan: I like him, but the MC in this route is my least favorite; she basically blackmails the guy and the reasons she initially does not click with him are personality traits I happen to really like (focus, forethought, proper grammar); still has some cute moments though
  • Mason’s White Christmas Spin-Off: most of the Voltage spin-offs I’ve tried leave me bored or annoyed by the short length, but this one is fantastic; it’s basically a sequel that focuses on the unresolved family tensions
  • *update* Sam Epilogue: Recommended; details found here
  • *update* Mason Epilogue: Recommended; details found here
  • *update* Darren Epilogue: Recommended; details found here

One character, Jack, has yet to be released, but he looks like a trip.  He appears in Ethan’s story and references other routes heavily.  It seems like his route will be pretty meta.  Bring it on!

Voltage Entertainment USA’s White Lies & Sweet Nothings is available on iOS and Android.