Metro PD: Close to You Kirisawa Impressions and Review

Basic Premise: A young policewoman transfers to a large city’s detective unit, learns the ropes, and sometimes falls in love with a fellow detective.


  • The writing has a lot more flavor than most Voltage/otome games. The banter among the detectives is snappy and natural, like the translator put a good bit of thought into making it work for an English audience. A few characters use coarser language than I’ve found in other titles, but it fits their personalities and makes the setting more believable. A few characters’ referencing religious figures also makes it feel more grounded.
  • The writing keeps a good balance between serious and light moments.  The funny moments are good enough that I’m omitting the usual quote section; I don’t want to ruin any of them.  🙂
  • The case kept me intrigued.
  • In the prologue the MC’s passivity made me a little nervous, but she’s great in this route. She works hard, takes initiative without being reckless, and continues to learn throughout the story without any idiotic mistakes. The other detectives tease her, and she teases them right back. She likes Kirisawa, but she’s not a fourteen-year-old; she yanks herself back into reality and gets on with whatever she should be doing.
  • Kirisawa is a functional adult. No melodramatic angst or abusiveness or projects.  You understand why he and the MC fall for each other and want them to get together.
  • I really, really like the normal ending to Kirisawa’s route. **SPOILERY DISCUSSION AT POST’S END**


  • As good as the localization flavor is, the route needed more proofreading. None of the words are misspelled, but about once a chapter or so the wrong word would be used or a few words would seem to be missing.
  • We meet 6 Second Division detectives, 3 First Division detectives, 1 crime scene investigator, and 2 higher administrators who all work with the MC.  They are all men. Would it have killed you to have made ONE of those characters a woman, Voltage? Also, none of the Second Division detectives are married. None. It’s like the MC’s in another dimension.
  • The middle of the best ending bothers me for several reasons. **SPOILERY DISCUSSION AT POST’S END**

Overall: Highly recommended. It’s now in my replay rotation.

*update* Review of Kirisawa’s Armed and Engaged route found here.

*update*  If you like the MC in Kirisawa’s route, try Nomura‘s and Kimura‘s too.

Voltage’s Metro PD: Close to You is available on iOS and Android.


In the normal ending, Kirisawa and the MC do not get together because of how it would affect the detective unit. In the future if one of them is promoted or transferred to another department, they’ll consider it then. I like how reasonable and believable both of them are. The writing for the MC especially shines; she’s hurt, but she’s not resentful or over-the-top. Throughout the chapter and the game she focuses on becoming a good detective, and this ending made me feel like I was playing an awesome police chief’s origin story rather than a romance. ❤

In the best ending, Kirisawa decides he doesn’t care about how their relationship might affect the detective unit. I think it’s intended to be romantic, but it seems out of character. It would have been more consistent for Namura to have offered him the dirty cop’s position or for him to request a transfer. I also have a hard time buying that the MC and Kirisawa are getting that hot and heavy between his broken rib and being in a hospital bed. The worst thing, however, is Kirisawa’s telling the MC he “wants to make [her] mine” and “doesn’t want to share.” Kirisawa’s a good, considerate guy in the rest of the route, and here he sounds like he’s treating the MC like a thing. The final email helps mitigate this, but it still felt icky and out of character. :/

7 thoughts on “Metro PD: Close to You Kirisawa Impressions and Review

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  4. Your reviews are great! It feels like I’m reading my own review of the game. It helps me to decide which game I want to play or not. Thank you.

    I like Kirisawa’s story because he feels like the most normal and good responsible man.

    — Spoilers and comments–
    The normal ending is the more reasonable one (maybe it can include a little playfulness (Kirisawa comment’s on MC’s writing at the hospital) ).
    I wish there is this epilogue of how MC and Kirisawa are working together in the unit and how they realize the more they try to hide their feeling, the harder it would be for them to be apart and then reach the happy ending. If Kirisawa saw how she progressed as a detective in a month, how she become the glue of the unit, maybe little bit of jealousy from other’s touches and little bit of a dangerous situation that she saves herself from (no damsel in distress!), would be a good story development between the two. Then at the end, after a drunken night celebration or a karaoke night with the unit, when he needs a smoke break, he sees the MC and cannot hold back anymore, with emotional confessions etc and they decide to date secretly. Obviously, this is my idea but that kind of development would be more natural for an epilogue.

    • You’re welcome. Do you follow Voltage Inc’s contest announcements? Once a year the company will ask for writing submissions (following their guidelines) if you want to pursue writing for them. 🙂

      I’m glad the reviews are still helping people. I have a backlog of Choice of Games (mostly positive) and Voltage (some positive, some constructive ranting) titles to work through once my professional life settles a bit.

  5. Oh another thing! Japan should stop making smoking happen, it is not gonna happen 😀
    probably the worst part of the story is that they portray smoking appealing.

    • I find the recurring “modern LI smokes and is attractive” baffling as well; less than 20% of Japan smokes so it’s not a cultural thing like 1950s America. The only place I found it used well is Serendipity Next Door’s Junpei story.

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