Yeti’s Parole Officer Impressions and Review – Spoiler Free

Basic Premise: In Yeti’s Parole Officer, you attempt to keep various folktale creatures (who are actually alien convicts) from exposing themselves to humanity and from escaping Earth.


  • Folklore + aliens + investigation = interesting.
  • The button that progresses the game adds to the story. Comments such as “Oh, joy” and “Oops” replace the usual “Next” text at appropriate times.
  • The descriptions of stat check failures or trying to dodge romantic entanglement made me laugh.


  • You’d best accept that your character has some kind of attraction to their partner. The one play-through I tried to create a truly antagonistic dynamic kept being undermined.
  • Even though you are conducting an investigation, you never need to recall details or use clues to figure something out.
  • A few coding lines appear and interrupt the story flow.

Everything Else

  • The setting has so much potential that the actual game feels slight. What’s there is good, but little time is spent building up relationships with the aliens or exploring the world. I hope KT Bryski, the author, revisits the concept in the future and expands on it.

Bottom Line: Short but fun.

Choice of Games’ Yeti’s Parole Officer is available on iOS, Android, Kindle, and Google Chrome.


Impressions and review based on a provided code.

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