My Killer Romance Xavier Sequels Impressions and Review – Spoiler Free

Xavier’s main route review is found here.

Volume One

Basic Premise: Attend a royal ball. Try to avoid being poisoned.


  • The banter between the MC and Xavier fits naturally with the main route.
  • The main mystery plot has some interesting political and supernatural elements.


  • The player has to watch both Xavier and the MC be dense about the mystery plot and wait for them to figure out some fairly obvious clues. I could accept it more easily if it were Keiran; Xavier’s too cynical and savvy to be missing such basic things.
  • Oh good. The villain’s monologuing for no particular reason.
  • I kept wanting more variety in the dialog options

Bottom Line: I enjoyed the banter, but it’s not one of my favorites.

Volume Two

Basic Premise: Help locate lost souls.  Try to work out exactly what went wrong with these characters.


  • Yay, Nelly!
  • The MC’s power is useful.


  • Okay, where did Xavier and the MC go? Not only are their characters and interactions inconsistent with earlier routes, they contradict each other in the SAME route. Both of them irritated me, but the MC nearly made me throw the iPad. She’s judgmental, physically abusive, and so stupid about a basic fact regarding the Death Realm that my mouth was hanging open once I realized that she hadn’t figured this out before.

Bottom Line: Not recommended.

Voltage Entertainment USA’s My Killer Romance is available on iOS and Android.

My Killer Romance Kieran Sequel Volume Three Impressions and Review – Spoiler Free

Kieran’s main route review is here.

Kieran’s sequel volume one and two reviews are here.


  • Nelly comes back for this volume.
  • The MC’s power and family history feature in the story.
  • The Realms’ lore and history feature prominently.
  • The two endings diverge.


  • This route has enough story for three volumes crammed into one. It’s an interesting plot, but so much has to be done that no time is left for character development or exploring any of the lore and political threads that are introduced.
  • Without getting into plot spoilers…the MC and Aria’s relationship drives me batty. MC: “Kieran, it is so important that I know about my heritage and family which is why I must speak to Character X.” Yet it never once occurs to her to ask her mother. Aria even sends the player an email expressing her concern and wish to visit. *headdesk*

Overall: The best plot of Kieran’s sequels coupled with the worst pacing and character development. It’s still worth trying if you enjoyed the previous sequels.

Voltage Entertainment USA’s My Killer Romance is available on iOS and Android.

My Killer Romance: Blake Main Route – Spoilers

Basic Premise: A woman marked for death spends her last ten days with one of her reapers trying to accomplish one final wish. The general comments for all the routes apply to Blake’s as well.

I will skip the usual positive/negative review format as I try to suss out exactly why this route feels so…off.

Spoilers Ahead!

I think Blake’s supposed to be a flirty bad-boy, but he’s not very good at flirting and the worst thing he does is stand up the MC for drinks. Not buying it.

In the first half of the game, Blake treats the MC’s drive and seriousness as a problem that needs to be fixed (and his solution to the perceived problem fails spectacularly, by the way), yet in the second half of the game we learn he’s the exact same way. And it’s not pointed out. Huh?

Good grief, some of Blake’s sprites are bad. If the game didn’t spend so much time talking about how physically attractive he’s supposed to be, I could ignore it more easily. I don’t know if I could ever fully ignore a vest/dress pant/droopy diaper combination, but I would have tried. XD

A few clumsy “opposites attract” potential moments are introduced – MC focuses on work, Blake wants her to focus on fun; MC is an optimist, Blake is a pessimist – but never really developed.

The scene in which Blake and the MC talk about their parents really bothered me. The MC reassures Blake that every mother loves her child, she must have wanted him, good reason for leaving him, yadda yadda. That’s a nice sentiment and all, but the MC has no idea what was going on with Blake’s mom. I would have loved to get Kieran’s reaction to the whole conversation…

It never feels like a romance to me. Near the end I can see them starting to become friends, but the “AND I WILL NOW RISK EVERYTHING FOR YOU” is out of nowhere, especially for someone as career-oriented as Blake. All the other Collectors volunteering to help also felt really unbelievable. Leo, you’re smarter than this.

Neither the regular nor the best endings’ resolutions have real consequences compared to the other routes.

I do like the scene in which Raphael, Xavier, and Kieran discuss Death Realm museums. Leo’s complete lack of interest (well, until the very end) is also fun to see.

Overall: I’ve definitely read worse Voltage stories, but this route had the least consistent tone of the My Killer Romance routes.

Voltage Entertainment USA’s My Killer Romance is available on iOS and Android.

My Killer Romance Leo Sequel Impressions and Review – Spoiler Free

Back in my very first review, I gave Leo’s main route a “seriously, no, don’t get it” recommendation. I found both Leo and the MC inconsistent and frustrating.

So the sequel’s tag line “Is Leo the same man you fell in love with?” made me laugh. “Well, I hope SOMETHING’S different” I thought as I tapped it.

Actually, Leo himself hasn’t changed much, but the MC certainly has. This is the MC I glimpsed in the first two chapters of Leo’s main route before she lost her backbone. She has self-control, self-respect, and intelligence while still having emotions and making mistakes. Awesome.


  • We learn more about Death Realm culture and spend a good bit of time with secondary characters.

  • Leo still has the same behavior and coping mechanisms here as in the main route but without the particulars that made me want to punt kittens out a window.

  • And, of course, the MC is fantastic. It was worth buying it just to tell Xavier to buzz off. XD


  • Not much. I would have liked more interaction with Leo’s mother. Maybe in the next volume?


  • …men are always the same when it comes to women’s tears.

  • Kieran: “Don’t cry! Oh, gods, I don’t know what to do if you cry.”

  • MC: Yeah, let’s make it all about you.

  • Leo: “So you’re not speaking to me now?”

  • MC: “You should be so lucky! I’m speaking to you.”

  • Kieran: “Should I tell Blake to turn the game up to cover the sound of flying plates?”

  • MC: “Only if you’re the one who expects to be dodging them.”

  • Xavier: “Oh, good. MC, make us some coffee.”

  • MC: “In your dreams, Xavier. I don’t mind helping out, but I’m not the help.”

Overall: Recommended.

Voltage Entertainment USA’s My Killer Romance is available on iOS and Android.

My Killer Romance Kieran Sequels Impressions and Review – Spoiler Free

Kieran’s main route review is found here.

Volume One


  • Xavier and Kieran’s family history and relationship are nicely fleshed out.

  • The main couple feel like the same people from the main route, and their relationship is a natural continuation. The MC is not particularly active in the storyline, but she isn’t brooding or angsting either.


  • Similar to Kieran’s epilogue, this felt like a missed opportunity. Even though the story takes places in the Death Realm, we don’t learn much about it and spend little time with secondary characters.

Volume Two


  • We finally see more of the Realms and explore the lore surrounding them.

  • Nelly, the new secondary character, is funny and smart, and I’d definitely play a spin-off focused just on her.

  • Leo’s detached cynicism is always welcome.

  • The regular ending and best ending are very different. Your choices do impact the story.


  • To get the best ending, you must choose a face-palm dialog option.

  • The new character sprites have a softer, rounded, more expressive art-style (which I like better), but put next to the characters from the original routes it’s jarring – like they are from two completely different games.

  • Even though it’s not mentioned on the purchasing screen, the second sequel references characters and events that the reader is assumed to have played. I guess one of the spin-offs is meant to come between the two sequels, but I don’t know which one and I won’t purchase all Kieran’s side stories hoping to stumble on the right one – especially now that the sale has finished.

Overall: I like both the sequels, but neither blew me away. I’ll give Volume Three a try if Nelly’s in it.

Voltage Entertainment USA’s My Killer Romance is available on iOS and Android.

My Killer Romance Epilogue Impressions and Review – Spoiler Free

For Independence Day, Voltage Entertainment USA discounted all the routes for their more recent titles. Expect a lot of shorter recommendations as I work through the spin-offs. I’ll begin with my impressions of the My Killer Romance epilogues.  If you’re looking for a review of the main routes, here you go.

Kieran: meh. It’s okay, but it seems like a missed opportunity.  The whole plot is Kieran’s meeting the MC’s family, but we don’t learn anything that isn’t in Blake’s main route. (Yes, I finally tried Blake’s route.  Review incoming.)

Nathaniel: not recommended. I didn’t believe the interactions, and the main issue wasn’t an issue.  The wandering flock of penguins interacting with small children also threw me.

Raphael: recommended, but…my eyes, my poor innocent eyes, go put a shirt on, dude! Once I covered the screen to block the sprites (yes, it really is that bad) and just read the text, I enjoyed the route. It sets up a new plot, the couple’s interactions are cute, and Nathaniel, Leo, and Xavier are jerks without being mua-ha-ha villains.

Xavier: recommended. The set up for a new plot did not intrigue me as much as Raphael’s, but Xavier’s personality and interactions stay true to his main route’s character.

Voltage Entertainment USA’s My Killer Romance is available on iOS and Android.

My Killer Romance Impressions and Review – Spoiler Free

My Killer Romance‘s main stories feel pretty different from one another so I will rate them individually.  I’ll also try to keep it as spoiler-free as possible.

But first, the comments that apply to all the stories:

  • The setting and lore felt unique and interesting; I’m interested in spending more time in the world even without the romance.
  • The main routes’ writing is very chaste.  The most any of the characters do is kiss.
  • The art style can be grating.  I can usually get past unattractive visuals, but when the main character (MC) keeps going on about how handsome X looks it’s hard to ignore.  Raphael and Blake in particular make me wince when they appear on the screen.
  • The choice of sprites is sometimes baffling.  The laboring woman in the hospital is skinny and in street clothes.  The bride does not have a wedding dress or ring despite the story SAYING SHE DOES.

Now, on to the individual stories:

  • Xavier: Recommended.  I liked both MC’s personality and reason for staying and found the character interactions reasonable.
  • Kieran: Recommended.  Again, I liked MC’s personality and reason for staying.  Kieran himself felt a little too perfect, but the interactions with the secondary characters and the fleshing out of MC’s back-story were top-notch.  I’m tempted to get his sequel.
  • Nathaniel: Recommended. MC’s spunky and gets to tell Xavier exactly where he can shove his imperious orders. That felt SO satisfying after some of the other routes.  Nathaniel felt believable, and his solution to the main problem made me laugh.
  • Raphael: Not Recommended. MC’s reason for staying is good, but her personality seems all over the place and the game keeps barking what you should be feeling. Also, Raphael seems really boring and like he has a bad case of I READ THE SCRIPT SO NOW I LIKE YOU rather than feeling natural.  I did however chuckle when MC refuses to become the main cook.  Hee.
  • Leo: Not Recommended.  MC’s reason for staying is weak, and she acts like a kicked puppy.  Leo’s a jerk, and MC’s response to his nasty behavior is “oh, he’s really a nice guy (even though I’ve never seen any evidence of this) and any issue is all my fault how can I fix this?”  I kept wishing for a “tell him exactly where to go and what he can do to himself when he gets there” option before slamming the door in his face.
  • Blake: N/A.  His character design makes me laugh every time he’s on the screen, and I just can’t take him seriously. *update* Odd; details found here.
  • *update* Kieran Epilogue: Meh; details found here.
  • *update* Nathaniel Epilogue: Not recommended; details found here.
  • *update* Raphael Epilogue: Recommended; details found here.
  • *update* Xavier Epilogue: Recommended; details found here.
  • *update* Kieran Sequel Volume One: Meh; details found here.
  • *update* Kieran Sequel Volume Two: Meh; details found here.
  • *update* Kieran Sequel Volume Three: Meh: details found here.
  • *update* Leo Sequel Volume One: Recommended; details found here.
  • *update* Xavier Sequel Volume One: Meh; details found here.
  • *update* Xavier Sequel Volume Two: Not recommended; details found here.

Voltage Entertainment USA’s My Killer Romance is available on iOS and Android.