My Killer Romance Impressions and Review – Spoiler Free

My Killer Romance‘s main stories feel pretty different from one another so I will rate them individually.  I’ll also try to keep it as spoiler-free as possible.

But first, the comments that apply to all the stories:

  • The setting and lore felt unique and interesting; I’m interested in spending more time in the world even without the romance.
  • The main routes’ writing is very chaste.  The most any of the characters do is kiss.
  • The art style can be grating.  I can usually get past unattractive visuals, but when the main character (MC) keeps going on about how handsome X looks it’s hard to ignore.  Raphael and Blake in particular make me wince when they appear on the screen.
  • The choice of sprites is sometimes baffling.  The laboring woman in the hospital is skinny and in street clothes.  The bride does not have a wedding dress or ring despite the story SAYING SHE DOES.

Now, on to the individual stories:

  • Xavier: Recommended.  I liked both MC’s personality and reason for staying and found the character interactions reasonable.
  • Kieran: Recommended.  Again, I liked MC’s personality and reason for staying.  Kieran himself felt a little too perfect, but the interactions with the secondary characters and the fleshing out of MC’s back-story were top-notch.  I’m tempted to get his sequel.
  • Nathaniel: Recommended. MC’s spunky and gets to tell Xavier exactly where he can shove his imperious orders. That felt SO satisfying after some of the other routes.  Nathaniel felt believable, and his solution to the main problem made me laugh.
  • Raphael: Not Recommended. MC’s reason for staying is good, but her personality seems all over the place and the game keeps barking what you should be feeling. Also, Raphael seems really boring and like he has a bad case of I READ THE SCRIPT SO NOW I LIKE YOU rather than feeling natural.  I did however chuckle when MC refuses to become the main cook.  Hee.
  • Leo: Not Recommended.  MC’s reason for staying is weak, and she acts like a kicked puppy.  Leo’s a jerk, and MC’s response to his nasty behavior is “oh, he’s really a nice guy (even though I’ve never seen any evidence of this) and any issue is all my fault how can I fix this?”  I kept wishing for a “tell him exactly where to go and what he can do to himself when he gets there” option before slamming the door in his face.
  • Blake: N/A.  His character design makes me laugh every time he’s on the screen, and I just can’t take him seriously. *update* Odd; details found here.
  • *update* Kieran Epilogue: Meh; details found here.
  • *update* Nathaniel Epilogue: Not recommended; details found here.
  • *update* Raphael Epilogue: Recommended; details found here.
  • *update* Xavier Epilogue: Recommended; details found here.
  • *update* Kieran Sequel Volume One: Meh; details found here.
  • *update* Kieran Sequel Volume Two: Meh; details found here.
  • *update* Kieran Sequel Volume Three: Meh: details found here.
  • *update* Leo Sequel Volume One: Recommended; details found here.
  • *update* Xavier Sequel Volume One: Meh; details found here.
  • *update* Xavier Sequel Volume Two: Not recommended; details found here.

Voltage Entertainment USA’s My Killer Romance is available on iOS and Android.

The What and The Why

Hey, y’all!  Since I found very little information on many of the independent game, visual novels, and choice-of-XXXX style games I have played, I decided to share my impressions and reviews.  Some of these games and apps aren’t inexpensive, and I want people to know what they’re getting beforehand.

Hope this helps, and don’t hesitate to share your own opinions and questions!

Well, as long as they’re respectful.  Jerks will be fed to the neighbor’s pit bull.