Finally, in Love Again Kazuki Serizawa Main Route Impressions and Review – Spoiler Free

Basic Premise: A thirty-something pastry chef starts working with her ex after ten years.

On the Prolog: It’s been rewritten since the app first released. The MC’s weight is not constantly brought up, the idiotic faulty girdle plot point has been replaced, and she quits her position rather than being fired over one incident. It’s still not perfect, but it is much improved.

On the MC: She feels so real. She works hard at her career, she feels things deeply without being overly dramatic, she looks for and accepts help when she needs it, she says what she’s thinking to an appropriate degree, and she holds her ground when needed.

On Kazuki: He too feels real. He’s passionate about his company, cares for his employees, can be charming and pushy, and assumes he knows what’s best without being overly arrogant.

On the relationship and plot: In this story you spend your time teasing out what Kazuki is like now and why exactly their relationship ended ten years ago rather than watching him sweep the MC off her feet. The interactions and dialog are so natural – they walk the line between protecting themselves and feeling each other out beautifully – that nine chapters into the route I was still wondering how it would resolve.   It never felt padded, forced, or obvious, and when I did find out exactly how they broke up, I bought it and could see them getting together again.  It’s worth reading a second time just to pick up on all the little comments and motivations.

On the secondary characters: The rival company’s boss is a caricature, but everyone else is good. I particularly like the MC’s friend from high school and woman coworker. They care about the MC and give reasonable advice and support. Less cattiness and more of this, Voltage.

Bottom Line: Recommended. While Kazuki is not yet one of my favorite characters, the writing merited another playthrough – and it was even better the second time. If it seems like the same writer and translator worked on his POV and sequel, I’m getting them immediately.

*update* Seems like the same team worked on the POV; review found here.

Voltage’s Finally, in Love Again is available on iOS and Android.

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