Kiss Me On Clover Hill’s Shokichi Kuramoto Season of Love Impressions and Review – Spoiler Free

Basic Premise: The MC starts college and slowly builds a romance with one of her fellow students.


  • I perked up every time Sho’s friend Daisuke appeared. He’s not the most interesting character ever written, but he had focus and goals.
  • A few of the situations felt believable.


  • Some of the secondary character’s faces are really bad.
  • Bored. SO BORED. I didn’t dislike the two leads. They and the story are just as bland as these:

unsalted saltines

Bottom Line: I don’t hate it, but I recommend Dreamy Days in West Tokyo‘s 3 Years Later routes over this particular one.

Voltage’s Kiss Me on Clover Hill is available on iOS and Android.