The Last Monster Master Impressions and Review

Monster Master

Basic Premise: As headmaster of a struggling monster academy, you must train and place your newest class as the entire country prepares for battle.


  • The editing and coding are spot on.
  • The entire premise and setting intrigued me.
  • Once the mystery and political plot starts, I was riveted.
  • The various monster school subjects, pupils’ personalities, career options, and relationship standings matter.


  • You must choose which training facilities to repair before knowing what order the monster traits shall be trained. I’m the headmaster of the entire school; unless my Monster Master is an amnesiac I should know what we’ll need fixed up when and plan accordingly.
  • The discipline/compassion meter seems to have really large gains and losses. In a few conversations I was worrying about how far off my perceived personality I was going rather than just role-playing my Monster Master.

It’s Not You, It’s Me

  • Oh good. Apparently I’m a junior high guidance counselor. And, after all my time and effort, a particular character is still grousing at me years later. I already have a toddler and social media; I don’t need more whining in my life.

*Highlight Below for Spoiler*

  • ******No matter how considerate and compassionate your Monster Master, Alumig fights you at the end. He makes fair points too – ones that I wondered about during my first play-through. Why couldn’t y’all team up and work for equal rights for monsters earlier in the story or even be offered a place as a useful tool on Alumig’s road to the complete subjugation of the human race?******

Bottom Line: The Last Monster Master‘s choices impact the story, and the writing is solid. The guidance counselor section bothered me enough that I doubt I’ll replay it, but I will check out whatever Serviss writes next.

Choice of Games’ The Last Monster Master is available on iOS, Android, Kindle, and Google Chrome.

Find out more about author Ben Serviss.

Impressions and review based on a provided code.

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