To Love & Protect Chadwick Main Route Impressions and Review – Spoiler Free

Basic Premise: The MC discovers she’s the president’s daughter and must now be protected from his enemies.

My general impressions of the app and other route reviews can be found here.


  • This MC is wonderful and real. She faces problems, defends herself in reasonable ways, gives support without being pushy, reads people well, and (my favorite) doesn’t act like a brat when she sees someone else cozying up to Chadwick.
  • Chadwick is polite, focused, competent, interested in intellectual pursuits without being a know-it-all, needs to work on loosening up… I just described a Jane Austen leading man. No wonder I like him so much. XD
  • Lynda, Sarah, and Karen aren’t quite my favorite bunch of secondary Voltage ladies, but they’re close. All three have distinct personalities and different dynamics with the MC and each other. Lynda’s my hero. She knows who she is, knows what she wants, and doesn’t care who else knows it too.


  • The moment when the main couple finally get together is anticlimactic…like Persuasion actually.


  • MC: Oh, come on! How can he know Greek philosophy off the top of his head but still be that clueless with women?!
  • Me: Ha! He’s Mr. Lydia! XD

Bottom Line: Recommended. Despite my problems with the app in general, I like this route enough to replay it.

Voltage Entertainment USA’s To Love & Protect is available on iOS and Android.

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