Scarlet Fate Kadonomae Route Impressions and Review – Spoiler Free

This review brought to you by Benadryl. Please excuse any goofy sentence structure and misspelled words.

Comments that apply to all the routes in Shall We Date?: Scarlet Fate

  • An active, competent main character tries to save her village and friends from supernatural disaster.
  • The plot, not cutesy romance fluff, dominates the story. Politics, divine beings, and war feature in all the routes.
  • The translation is competent, and the story flows. The point of view shifts are not always well-signaled though.
  • The word “sin” is used all the time and for situations that don’t quite fit. Once I started replacing the word “sin” with “guilt,” the story and themes made much more sense.

Comments for Kodonomae’s route in particular


  • The MC holds her own as a warrior and makes her own decisions about what path to take.
  • This route fills in some back-story gaps from the other routes and (unlike Akifusa’s and Gentoka’s routes) explores the divine politics and introduces a secondary female character who has some depth.
  • Kodonomae is kind yet very focused on his goals. It would have been easy to go overboard in either direction, but the writer balances the two traits well.


  • It feels like less thought was put into the epilogue than the rest of the route. The relationship which built so nicely has several “wait a minute” moments in the last chapter rather than a natural progression. It’s certainly not enough to ruin the story, but it is jarring.
  • The route uses the phrase “like lemmings off a cliff.” Lemmings do not jump off cliffs.

Everything Else

  • Without spoiling the story…Kodonomae bears much more responsibility and guilt for causing other people’s suffering than Gentoka yet he moves on more easily than Gentoka. I wish the differences had been pulled out and examined in one of the routes.
  • Of the four routes I’ve played, this one felt the most “AND NOW I WILL RESCUE YOU, SIT BACK, DELICATE FLOWER.” The MC has enough agency and Kodonomae respects her enough for me to accept it, but a few moments were eye-roll-inducing. YMMV.

Favorite Moments

  • Kodonomae: “For us, a battle is the act of drinking the life of our opponents.”
  • Me: Go on, you charmer.
  • *MC goes on about how she will let no one stand in her way of doing what she deems necessary*
  • Kodonomae: “How valiant. I’m almost swooning.”
  • MC: They look puzzled, except for Gentoka, whose expression is never readable.
  • Me: Ha!

Bottom Line: Recommended.

Idea Factory’s Shall We Date?: Scarlet Fate courtesy of NTT Solmare is available on iOS and Android.

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